What is the Difference Between PRINCE2 and PMP Certification

By 2027, a PMI report predicts that there will be a need for 87.7 million jobs related to Project Management. All aspects of every professional position can be included in Project Management and its implementation, making it essential to invest in training and professional development to acquire the necessary skills for a successful career. 

Various Project Management techniques and certifications are available, but the PMP Certification and PRINCE2 Certification are the most well-known. In this blog, you will learn the differences between PRINCE2 and PMP and decide which option is better.

Let’s delve deeper to get a better understanding of what each of them entails!

Table of Contents 

  1. What is PRINCE2? 
  2. What is PMP? 
  3. Comparing PRINCE2 and PMP – Key differences 
  4. Conclusion  

What is PRINCE2?  

PRINCE2, which stands for The PRojects IN Controlled Environments, is a Project Management methodology used in over 150 countries. It is a structured approach focusing on project organisation and control. Every project begins with a comprehensive project plan, each step is scheduled, and all loose ends are tied up when the project is completed.

What is PMP?  

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, a highly respected Project Management certification, assesses a candidate’s ability to manage a professional project’s staff, processes, and financial prospects. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), which oversees this credential, there are over one million PMP practitioners worldwide. Almost every industry can benefit from it, including business, information technology (IT), architecture, and health.

Comparing PRINCE2 vs PMP – Key differences  

Both certifications utilise different methods and have numerous distinctions, so it’s essential to be familiar with both before deciding the best option for your development. Let’s examine the various aspects of the two certifications.

Basis of Comparison  PRINCE2  PMP
Origins United Kingdom (UK)  United States of America (USA)
Frameworks  A prescriptive framework with a strong emphasis on adhering to best practices. A descriptive framework with a focus on knowledge areas.
Accreditation Axelos in the United Kingdom owns PRINCE2. PMP is Owned by Project Management Institute (PMI) in The USA
Methodology  It is based on a process-based approach. It is based on a knowledge-based approach.
Organisation  It includes a comprehensive collection of themes and processes with seven essential principles. There are ten knowledge areas provided to help you master Project Management skills.
Purpose in Project Management  This involves asking What/When/Who questions. PMP provides guidance on how to apply Project Management skills in practice.
Project roles  It includes clearly defined project roles. It includes the role of a project manager.
Location popularity  It is popular in the UK, Australia, and most European countries. It is widely used in the USA, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and some parts of Asia.


The Project Management industry highly values certifications like PMP and PRINCE2, and there is increasing demand worldwide. While PMP emphasises the knowledge and processes needed to manage projects effectively, PRINCE2 focuses on the skills and techniques required to ensure successful project management.