What Are the Registration Requirements for Cisco Certification?

What are the registration requirements for Cisco Certification? In what conditions can we apply for the Cisco Certification Exam?

In fact, all on-the-job personnel with DOS, Windows and students with a certain level of English ability in colleges and universities and personnel who want to obtain technical knowledge of key network equipment can sign up for Cisco training and take Cisco CertificationExam. As long as they pass the international certification examination, they can obtain the Cisco International Certification. In short, as long as you are interested in the network field, you can take Cisco Certification Exam! There are no other qualifications, like work experience and other prerequisites!

Cisco Certification is the top certification in the field of global networking. It is recognized as the most authoritative certification in the IT industry all over the world. Therefore, candidates can take the certification examination all over the world. To register for the examination, candidates can contact the professional and technical certification examination service provider authorized by Cisco. They will arrange exams in a confidential, Cisco-regulated environment.

How to Sign Up for Cisco Exam?

First, candidates need to determine which exam they are taking and record the name and number of the exam. If you need to know the details of the test, you can check in the web page of the overview of the test.

Before the examination registration, the personal information of the examinee will be collected, including legal name (the name on the ID card issued by the government), social security number or passport number, Cisco Certification ID (such as CSCO00000001) or examination ID number, company name, valid e-mail address and payment method.

In particular, if the candidate has previously participated in the Cisco Exam, he / she needs to indicate the Cisco Certification ID (such as CSCO00000001) to avoid duplicate records and prevent failure to receive the certification in time.

In addition, candidates must provide a valid email address when registering for the exam. Cisco needs a valid email address to send a reminder email when the candidate’s certification is about to expire, confirm the mailing address before sending the certification, and notify the candidate when the certification is returned due to the wrong address.

Select an examination service provider authorized by Cisco, and then register online, by telephone or directly at the examination center. Where there is an examination center, you can register directly at the examination center.

If you are registering for the exam in the United States and Canada, you can visit Prometric website, or call 1-800-829-NETS (6387), choose 1, and then press 4. In countries and regions other than the United States and Canada, you can also contact Prometric, the examination center, for more information.

After taking an exam, candidates usually have to wait five days before they can take the exam again. The refund regulations implemented by each authorized examination service provider will be different. Please consult the corresponding examination service provider for details.

In terms of test location, some written tests can be basically taken in all provincial capitals or first tier cities in China. After registration, teachers will make unified arrangements. There are only 10 fixed test rooms for the experimental tests worldwide: Research Triangle Park (United States), San Jose (United States), Sydney (Australia), Hong Kong (China), Beijing (China), Tokyo (Japan), Brussels (Belgium), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Dubai (Afghanistan).

The above is the registration requirements for Cisco Certification and relevant rules. SPOTO IT Certification Training Course & Practice Exam