What is the Best Way to Watch the IPL in India?

In India, cricket fans can’t get enough of the annual Indian Premier League (IPL). With players from around the world joining the best of India’s cricket talent, it’s an exhilarating blend of competition and entertainment.

In the era of technological advancement, there are myriad ways to catch the live action of the IPL 2023 including TV and live streaming, but one particularly immersive and engaging method has emerged recently: online broadcasts on betting sites like 24betting.

This form of viewing blends the thrill of cricket with the engaging element of betting, offering an immersive experience that surpasses merely watching. 

In any case, in this article, we will compare and recall all the methods of viewing and PL for Indians, both paid and free, let’s go!

Traditional Ways of Watching IPL

Millions of people all around India and the rest of the globe have tuned in to watch IPL matches on television broadcasts.

Later, as technology improved, digital platforms began live broadcasting the matches, allowing fans to follow their teams from wherever with an internet connection. The most prevalent traditional means of watching IPL games are outlined here.

  1. Television Broadcasts: The most common and accessible way to watch IPL matches. Various sports channels broadcast the matches live, providing in-depth commentary and analysis.
  2. Public Screenings: In many places, especially in India, public screenings of IPL matches are organized. These are often held in large parks, shopping malls, or community centers, allowing fans to watch the matches together on a big screen.
  3. Sports Bars and Restaurants: Many sports bars and restaurants show IPL matches live. Watching the game in such a social atmosphere with other fans can make the experience more exciting.
  4. Radio Broadcasts: While not a visual medium, radio broadcasts allow fans to follow the matches through live commentary. This can be particularly useful when one is unable to watch the matches live due to other commitments.
  5. In-Stadium: For those lucky enough to get tickets, there’s nothing like watching an IPL match live in the stadium. The electric atmosphere and the collective excitement of the crowd offer an unforgettable experience.

Online broadcasts on betting sites, meanwhile, have arisen in recent years to up the ante.

Online Broadcasts on Betting Sites

Online betting sites like 24betting have revolutionized the viewing experience of the IPL. These platforms provide live streaming of matches but with an added twist.

Bets may be placed on the winner of a match, the player with the most points, or the number of sixes hit in an inning.

This adds a whole new level of engagement and excitement, as fans aren’t just passive viewers but active participants in the match proceedings.

Betting Sites vs Traditional Ways of Watching IPL

You may acquaint yourself with the table below, which compares conventional ways with newer and more modern ones, to determine how it will be more comfortable for you to delve into the world of seeing the most significant event of the year – IPL 2023.

Points Betting Sites Traditional Ways
Interactivity Betting sites provide a highly interactive experience. They allow fans to participate actively by placing bets on various match outcomes. Traditional ways are mostly passive. Fans watch the game without any direct involvement in the ongoing action.
Engagement Watching IPL on betting sites involves making predictions, which requires a deep understanding and analysis of the game. This adds an extra layer of engagement. While watching IPL traditionally can be engaging, there’s no incentive for fans to delve deeper into the game or to make predictions.
Convenience Online betting platforms are accessible 24/7 from any internet-connected device. They’re versatile. While online streaming does offer similar convenience, television broadcasts, and stadium watching are bound by location and schedule.
Potential Financial Gain If your predictions turn out to be correct, you can win money on betting sites. This adds a thrill of potential financial gain to the viewing experience. Traditional ways of watching IPL offer no such financial benefits. The enjoyment is solely from watching the game.
Additional Features Many betting sites provide features like live chats, forums, and statistical tools to aid in betting and to create a community feeling. Traditional ways lack these additional features. Fans can discuss the game on social media, but it’s not integrated with the viewing experience.

But, to be honest, nothing beats the presence at the stadium, this atmosphere of universal excitement; the only problem is the cost of tickets; who will be lucky to buy it?


Online betting companies have made IPL watching interactive, fascinating, and possibly profitable. They improve the game by increasing enthusiasm. For an immersive cricketing experience, try these platforms the next time you watch an IPL match. Have fun and make accurate predictions!