Which Is The Best App For Online Betting and Watch In The IPL 2023?

We all know that cricket is the most popular game all over the world. Indian Premier League (IPL) is also popular among cricket lovers in India. During IPL season there are so many cricket lovers who are interested to support their favorite team through betting apps. There are so many IPL betting sites in India. And the number of users is increasing day by day. So if you are wondering about how to do betting on IPL 2023 in India you must know about some betting apps.

If you’re a beginner in betting on IPL betting websites and want to earn a handsome profit from IPL betting apps or sites, then have a glance at the detailed discussion on “How to watch online IPL 2023 live”. Here we are suggesting you some IPL betting sites and the procedure of betting:

Top 10 Online IPL Betting Apps

1. Betway:

This is the one of best IPL betting sites in India. Which offers you a free bet up to ₹4, 000. It has the best live betting feature. It has the potential of the highest IPL betting odds. But be careful about the Withdrawals, because it doesn’t have the feature of instant withdrawals. Otherwise, it is one of the best IPL betting apps.

2. 22 bets:

This site offers you an additional bonus with rebates and boosts. According to the player’s money deposit on 22bet is easy and safe. They promote regularly, which is so important for a good betting app. But their live betting can be more interesting.

3. Parimatch

Gives you a lot of options for IPL bets. Betting bonuses are huge in amount. Parimatch provides amazing live betting experiences. But the quality of the live streaming of the match is not that much better. But it’s a great site for IPL betting.

4. 10cric

When how to watch online IPL 2023 liveis a bigger question for you than 10cric provides you with a user-friendly live betting feature. Their promos and offers are exclusive. But be aware of the withdrawals. They don’t provide you with Instant withdrawals.

5. 1xbet

1xbet is one of the best online betting Id providers. This site comes with plenty of betting variety. You could experience the best multi-live and streaming here. This is also a user-friendly betting app for newcomers. But the withdrawal procedure is slightly delayed.


4RABET is a very well-known betting site among users. This site provides you with amazing bonus offers. But the problem is still now they don’t have any IPL betting app.

7. BET

NEO. BET is new to the IPL betting market, but provides you with a great experience of betting. Offers you an easy and quick deposit with the help of UPI.

8. FUN88

Through this site, you can enjoy amazing bonuses from your home. It offers you regular promos and bonuses. It has a unique feature of an online betting exchange. And if you are wondering about How to watch online IPL 2023 live, then this app Will guide you after installing the application.

9. Rabona

Rabona is a new IPL betting site that offers you exclusive bonuses. They will provide you with a special bonus pack during IPL. Live streamings are available here. But this site doesn’t have any betting app.

10. Rokubet

Rokubet is one of the Best betting id provider India. It has an amazing live-streaming feature. Bets feed is one of their unique features of them. This site provides you with Instant UPI payment but still doesn’t have any betting app.

So these are some top IPL betting sites you can try. Try various sites for an amazing experience. Enjoy the IPL match and support your team to the fullest.

But here are some tips, we can provide you before you are betting on any sites:

  • Don’t get driven by emotion

Don’t be emotional about your team. IPL betting is so much more practical. You have to gain a lot of knowledge about it. Go through the player performance, team play, and statistics. It will show the right track to win the bet.

  • Set your budget properly

To know how to do betting on IPL 2023 in India you must learn to set your budget. You have to fix a budget for every match. Yes, IPL betting can indeed be very profitable for some users but there is also a chance of huge loss. So be careful about your budget. Don’t use that much money you can’t spare. Money is so valuable to us.

  • A big no to lucky charms

IPL betting is all about skill and knowledge. Don’t ever rely on your lucky charms. Because cricket is all about a team game Which is won by talent and skill. Do research before betting but don’t believe in your lucky charms!

  • Multiple IPL betting account

If you have multiple betting accounts on various sites, that will help you to get the best odds for that particular bet. So, make an account on various sites. It will help you to gain more knowledge about statistics and skills.

  • Study more

Studying and researching is the main key to winning the IPL bet. Remember knowledge is the only thing that can give you success. So, study more and more and more.

  • Don’t drink during betting

Drinking and betting are two different options. You may think that a beer can during betting is much fun but the dizziness after drinking might ruin your game.


So IPL season is knocking at the door. Thus, hope this discussion on How to watch online IPL 2023 live will help you to choose the best site for IPL betting. Now you have gained so much knowledge and with that, you can play through various IPL betting apps. However, you should be careful when you’re indulging a huge amount of money into it. Because IPL betting is all about gaining or losing money. Support your favorite team and enjoy it a lot.

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