Tips for Storing Marijuana Seeds in 2022

After you’ve worked hard to germinate weed seeds, it may be satisfying to save your unwanted seeds in a bag for later use. In contrast, you will be in for a nasty surprise when it comes to germinating weed seeds for another batch of seeds. If marijuana seeds are improperly stored, they will no longer be suitable for planting. So Seed Supreme will help you if you want to discover how to store cannabis seeds.

What is the significance of seed storage?

Marijuana seeds can be appropriately stored for 5 to 10 years. Seed storage is essential for a variety of reasons. Someone who has created a high-quality genetic makeup may desire to save the marijuana seeds from replicating the strain. Some marijuana gardeners who live in places where there is a lot of marijuana activism and restructure are currently preserving marijuana seeds of their favorite strains to grow if marijuana becomes legal in the future. And, whatever the reason for having seeds, remember that caring for them is one of the most critical things you can do for your crop.

Temperatures at which seeds should be stored

The ideal temperature for storing marijuana seeds is between 43° and 47° F. The lower the temperature, the less likely your marijuana seed will germinate abnormally. Experienced cannabis gardeners appear to have special refrigerators for storing their pot seeds. Your refrigerator should preferably be non-frost unless you can place the marijuana seeds in the vegetable and fruit department, which is much better. Another option is to freeze your marijuana seeds. And if you’re going that route, please make sure you vacuum pack it beforehand. Then you put it in a dark container. It would also help germinate such seeds as soon as they came out of the freezer. Don’t let them defrost first.

Proper Humidity

Marijuana seeds require a certain quantity of moisture to germinate. When the humidity level in the storage container is too high, your marijuana seeds may decay. The shallow moisture content of roughly 8 to 10% is only appropriate for long-term storage. If it goes below 8%, any pests existing in the seedlings will become active and reproduce.

The following probabilities describe what is likely to happen to marijuana seeds at certain humidity levels:

  • 61 % or more – The higher this humidity level, the greater the risk to your seeds. When it reaches 80 percent, your marijuana seeds will wilt and die in about 12 hours.
  • 31-60% humidity — This is a germination zone, significantly when the humidity level exceeds 40%.
  • 21–30% The ideal humidity level for keeping cannabis seed.
  • 9–20% of the seeds are more prone to developing outdoor and indoor fungus. They start sweating when the humidity is less than 20%. Nonetheless, 8 to 10% is a “sweet spot” for long-term storage in the correct atmosphere.
  • 8% – Seeds will attract insects and other pests.

Cannabis Seed Storage Options

You now understand the need to keep your seeds away from direct sunlight. Here is an outline of the requirement for relatively low humidity and cooler-level temperatures. Several possibilities depend on how long you intend to keep the cannabis seeds.

Short-Term Storage

A cupboard or a dark drawer would enough if you only need short-term storage for your seeds. The most important thing, regardless of storage time, is to avoid variations in humidity and temperature. Fast temperature changes, in particular, may wreak havoc on marijuana seeds, so if you live in an area with hot days and chilly nights, avoid storing your seeds outside. Place your cannabis seeds in a desiccant container for short-term preservation. Spot it in a dark, cool place after sealing it.

Medium-Term Storage

After entering medium-term storage (a few months), it’s also time to utilize the airtight container. These include a ziplock bag or a mason jar. Refrigerate this sealable bag/container. Keep in mind that opening your refrigerator can result in drastic temperature swings. As a result, it is appropriate to have a second refrigerator that is rarely used. It is also worth noting that modern freezers have low humidity levels. And if the humidity is too low, your seeds will begin to use nutrients.

Long-Term Storage

If you want to keep your cannabis seeds for roughly six months, utilize a vacuum-sealed bag/container. This effect can be created by removing all the air from the Ziploc container/bag. Unique vacuum-sealed bags are also available online. Place the sealed bags in the dark containers and place them in the refrigerator. You can also freeze your cannabis seeds even though you must germinate soon following removal.

Tips for growing aged marijuana seeds

Here are some pointers on how to germinate your old marijuana seeds:

Pre-soaking in enhanced carbonated water

Before germinating your old cannabis seeds, soak them in a germination enhancer, such as carbonated water loaded with fulvic acid, hydrogen peroxide, or gibberellic acid. For best results, use room temperature water and immerse your marijuana seeds in a dark spot for 12 hours.

Scar your cannabis seeds

Old cannabis seeds often have an extra layer of the hard outer shell. Scratch its surface slowly with sandpaper to help bring warmth and moisture to your cannabis seed during germination. To help your old weed seeds sprout, gently scar them just before they can be soaked.

Remove the seed ridge.

The ridge is the slightly elevated side of the seed. Like many other elements of the shell, the ridge may become extremely hard over time. Remove it slowly with a sharp blade, which will aid in the growth of your weed seed.

Cut the seeds in half.

In your final try to germinate your cannabis seeds, a tiny cut in the seed’s shell may be helpful. However, it is not a miraculous remedy, and you must take care not to damage it on the inside. Keep in mind that some older seeds do not germinate, no matter how hard you try. If possible, try to buy marijuana seeds in bulk to prevent germination issues.

Final Thoughts

If you buy and intend to use cannabis seeds straight away, you should have no concerns. Aside from that, keep them away from direct sunlight. A dark cupboard is sufficient for short-term storage as long as the humidity and temperature are acceptable. Everything changes when your goal is to keep marijuana seed for months rather than days or weeks. It would help if you had an airtight bag/container stored in a refrigerator. These include vacuum-sealed bags if you intend to keep the cannabis seed for a few months or even longer. When keeping marijuana seeds, you must ensure that they are not exposed to germination settings. This means that they are shielded from direct sunlight. Store them at 20 to 30 percent humidity (or 8 to 10 percent for long-term storage) and a cold temperature. Keep the environment clean to avoid pests, and remember the instructions for growing old cannabis seeds.