The entertaining FIBA World Cup

The FIBA World Cup is considered one of the most prestigious competitions in basketball. It brings together national teams from around the world to compete for the title of world champion. The 1xBet sport betting sites also feature all editions of this competition too.


The FIBA World Cup has a long and storied history, with its first edition taking place in 1950. Since then, the tournament has been held every 4 years. The competition has grown in popularity and significance over the years, attracting basketball enthusiasts and fans from all corners of the globe. The sports betting sites from 1xBet are available for wagering on the most important basketball tournaments too.

How does the tournament work

The tournament features teams from FIBA’s member nations, and the participating teams earn their spots through regional qualification tournaments. These qualifying tournaments are held in the 5 continents. Punters can also visit – how to bet online football is as easy as doing so in basketball. The qualifiers include:

  • the FIBA Americas Championship;
  • FIBA EuroBasket;
  • the FIBA Asia Cup;
  • FIBA AfroBasket;
  • and the FIBA Oceania Championship.

The format of the FIBA World Cup normally starts with a preliminary round, where the participating teams are divided into groups of 4. The top teams from each group advance to the knockout stage, where they compete in a single-elimination format until the champion is determined in the final game. You can discover how to make online football bets at 1xBet, which are as entertaining as the wagers available for basketball matches too.

How does the tournament work

The FIBA World Cup has seen dominant performances by some basketball powerhouses. Up to 2023 the United States had 5 titles. They were tied with Yugoslavia, which also had 5 titles. The Soviet Union had 3 gold medals. Feel free to visit 1xBet – watch basketball online now to see who will win the next edition of this tournament.

The tournament provides a platform for players to represent their countries and showcase their skills on the international stage. It has witnessed iconic performances by basketball legends such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Hakeem Olajuwon.

The FIBA World Cup not only celebrates the sport of basketball but also fosters global camaraderie and cultural exchange. It brings together athletes, coaches, and fans from diverse backgrounds, promoting unity and sportsmanship. The tournament serves as a platform to promote the growth of basketball and inspire future generations of players. Right now you can watch online basketball through 1xBet, where wagers on the sport can be made too.