How to store liquids for POD systems Pods are popular devices

Pods are popular devices for vaping, which at one time supplanted traditional vapes on the market. These systems are compact and convenient to use, look stylish and modern. One of the secrets of success of pods is the liquid on salt nicotine, which is much faster absorbed by the body, much cleaner and has less acidity. In pod-systems of the open type you can independently replenish the stock of liquid, which brings them as close as possible to the serviced vape, although in terms of size and other features of operation of such devices are at different poles. However, today we are interested in salt liquor – how long it can be stored and how to do it correctly.

Storage of liquor: nuances worth knowing about

Since nicotine salt is obtained from ordinary (free) nicotine by neutralizing the acids contained in the raw material by alkaline compositions with parallel thorough cleaning from impurities, it a priori can be stored much longer. Indeed, because the acidity is lower, additives are much less (practically nonexistent), so there are no prerequisites for the formation of a problematic environment in terms of product preservation. But in fact, in the salt slurry the shortest shelf life is not nicotine with glycerin and propylene glycol, but flavor additives. They are the ones that go bad before other ingredients.

If we talk about the time during which the salt liquid for vaping retains its consumer characteristics, it depends on:

– type of storage – in a sealed factory package, already printed container or inside an electronic cigarette;

– flavor and type of liquid – sweet and dark flavors are retained worse;

– storage conditions – ideally a cool and dark place.

On average, factory packaged vig on salt nicotine can be stored up to 2 years, although most manufacturers set a warranty period of 12 months. After that, the flavorings simply disintegrate into separate enzymes, and the liquid darkens and becomes viscous. But most importantly, it acquires the taste of wormwood: incredibly bitter and nasty.

If the package has been unsealed, the preservation is sharply reduced – the more often you use the liquid, the faster it will come into disrepair due to contact with air. However, if you actively vaporize, you should not worry: the liquid will not spoil before its reserve in the container is used up.

But inside the sub-system, even if you don’t use the device, it will be safely exhausted in about half a year. The matter is that after activation of the pod it is impossible to provide hermetic sealing of liquid storage, so it will simply evaporate.

Finally, if the liquid is placed in a hot place, where direct sunlight is constantly “looking in”, it can go bad in just a month or two. So high temperatures and sunbathing have a drastic negative effect on the safety of the liquid.

How to keep the liquid as long as possible?

First of all, it is important to put a container with liquid for vaporization in a cool place where direct sunlight does not enter – for example, in a closet in a shaded room, closet, pantry, etc. To increase the shelf life, it is worth using the slurry on the principle: opened – constantly refill the cartridge. It is understandable that sometimes you want to change the flavor. But in this case you should not buy liquid in large containers – it all depends on individual peculiarities of vaping. Therefore, those who change flavors like gloves should not buy liquid in advance. The most ungrateful thing is to make a few puffs, and then send under with a full tank for storage. Lack of complete sealing will cause vaporization, so the liquid will be vaporized by air instead of you, if you don’t remember about the unused device in time.