How to properly dispose of e-cigarettes disposal is now more acute than ever

The issue of e-cigarette disposal is now more acute than ever. Environmentalists are literally ringing the alarm bells, painting scary post-apocalyptic pictures of the future of our planet, mired in huge volumes of electronic waste. Vaping devices are one of their “producers” – all components of such systems are subject to recycling without exception. One battery is worth a lot, not to mention nicotine residue.

In general, expired vapes turned out to be very unpalatable waste, if they are not recycled, but simply thrown in the garbage. Even cigarettes (when paper rather than synthetic plastic wrappers are used) take an average of 12 years to decompose. But e-cigarettes have proven to be a challenge for Mother Nature: after a certain period of time, these devices simply disintegrate into individual inorganic chemical elements and compounds that the Earth can’t compete with.

This is not organics, the natural cycle of substances in nature does not work here, so the threat is really real. Moreover, now ecologists strongly recommend that instead of deciding to buy a disposable vape to give preference to reusable vapes or at least rechargeable models. It would seem, what difference does it make to them? In fact, there is a difference and quite significant.

Disposal of electronic cigarettes: statistics know everything

Disposables are rightly popular among vapers. But the problem is that their life expectancy is short. Imagine, if a whole year to vaporize single-use for 300-400 pulls, then during the course of the exhausted resource devices will be about three, three and a half hundred. And all of them are subject to recycling.

According to statistics, depending on the country, from ⅓ to ½ of the total number of e-cigarettes in collection points for end-of-life e-cigarettes. The rest are sent to garbage cans (at best), nearby green spaces, water bodies or just lying around at vapers’ homes. But even if all vaping enthusiasts were conscious and turned in their old devices for recycling, it would not change the picture for the better.

The fact is that the current capacity of plants for recycling or destruction of electronic waste is simply not enough to handle such a large amount of “material”. The situation with batteries is especially difficult, as they are now found on almost every electronic device, and there are billions of them in the world. So there is only one way out: to reduce the number of gadgets sent for recycling.

As far as vaping is concerned, this means more active use of, for example, rechargeable disposables, which have a lifespan of 12-15 days. Imagine the difference: in a year of use, only 25-30 devices will be recycled as opposed to 300-350. Agree, there is something to think about.

3 rules for disposal of electronic cigarettes, which must be followed by a conscious amateur vaporizer

In order not to leave the descendants of the dump of electronic waste, you will have to follow simple but effective rules. After all, hardly anyone wants our generation to say that we lived according to the principle of “after us at least a flood”. Therefore, it is important to realize the criticality of the situation and act as necessary, not as it is easier or desirable. Every vaper should:

  1. After the end of the life of his device, turn it in for recycling. Owners of serviced vapes with replaceable batteries can bring the battery and device separately, which will make it easier to sort waste.
  2. Remember that the number of devices used over a period of time is an important factor. No one forces to reduce the intensity of vaping, it is just worth giving preference to systems with a longer life cycle.
  3. Do not ignore cases of colleagues throwing old disposables and other devices into trash cans or just into the nearest bushes. Vaping is a whole subculture with traditions and rules of good tone, so we should not be like those who do not care about everything. After all, we are responsible for the future of our children and grandchildren.