Can you whiten teeth with a cracked Philips WhiteSpeed lamp?

The Philips WhiteSpeed teeth whitening lamp is certified equipment widely used in dental clinics. This model represents an improved version of the previous generation Zoom 3. The installation has garnered immense appreciation due to its high efficiency and absolute safety for patients.

Features of the Philips WhiteSpeed Lamp

The main feature of this dental equipment is the production of cold light using LED technology. Thanks to this innovative development, dental enamel does not heat up or lose its structural integrity. Therefore, the enhanced system is ideal for professional teeth whitening, even for teeth with cracks that have extensive pigmentation (this procedure is recommended for patients with cracks within the enamel). Advantages of the Philips WhiteSpeed zoom 4 lamp include:

– The lamp is positioned to simultaneously treat upper and lower dental arches.

– Wide whitening range with a tonal gradient ranging from 8 to 12 shades.

– Prolonged effect – with regular care, whitening results can last for up to 8 years.

– Painlessness – the procedure does not cause pain or discomfort.

– Speed – each session takes no more than 15 minutes.

– Safety – the WhiteSpeed system does not damage dental enamel, cause burns on the gums, and is suitable for all patients.

– Additional properties – the installation effectively combats increased sensitivity of dental enamel due to mineralizing components in the gel.

Permanent use of the whitening lamp leads to an increase in the dental clinic’s expenses in a geometric progression. Bleach-Infiniter has introduced an innovative microchip designed to hack the limitations of the whitening lamp.

Advantages of the Device

The bleach-infiniter chip is an innovative attachment compatible with the technical parameters of Philips Zoom LED lamps of all generations. The electronic adapter is designed to enable unlimited use of the lamp. The main features of the cartridge that hack the Philips Zoom Lamp include:

– Unlimited number of cycles – the manufacturer guarantees chip performance for 1,000,000 cycles.

– Long service life – the device operates flawlessly 24/7 for 10 years.

– The internal structure and external dimensions of the chip are adapted to the zoom whitespeed system, as well as Zoom Advanced Power, Advanced Power Plus, and others.

– The electronic element allows working with zoom discus sets and whitening materials from other brands.

The adapter not only removes limitations on the number of procedures but also reduces the cost of sessions. Due to the unlimited resource of the electronic device, dental clinics only need to regularly replenish special whitening gel. The economic benefit of using the bleach-infiniter chip allows clients to achieve a radiant smile at a lower cost.

How is the chip installed?

The chip for unlimited whitening has a simple installation mechanism. The device is installed in place of the original adapter using a regular screwdriver. The total installation time takes no more than three minutes. It’s important to note that replacing the factory microchip with the unlimited action chip does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty of the whitening lamp.