Why you should stop working and travel to Australia?

You have come this far and it has not been by chance. You have asked yourself the question of why you should stop working and travel to Australia and we are going to give you some good reasons for it.

*Note: Before reading any further, grab a piece of paper and a pen.

Your list of reasons to stop working as follow:

  • Because you are bored with your job.
  • Because you want to learn English in Australia.
  • Because you want to live a new experience.
  • Because you love to travel above all things.
  • Because you’ve always been curious to know what “going to the boondocks” is.
  • Because you want to learn to surf.
  • Because if not now, when?
  • Because Australia is your dream.
  • Because you need to turn your life around.
  • Because yours is not to go around with nonsense, yours is to go big.
  • Because you want to look for work in Australia.
  • Because… (blank space for you to complete the sentence)
  • Because…

As soon as you have your list made with your reasons, leave it in sight and worry about reading it every day as many times as necessary. And it is that nobody better than you can tell you the reasons why you should leave work and travel.

All the answers you seek are within you. Don’t look outside, look inside, listen to yourself and follow your instinct. There is no magic formula, we cannot be your oracle nor can we assure you that everything will turn out as you expect.

The only thing we can tell you is that you trust in yourself and in all the good that can come into your life, that fear is not the one that stops you, but rather that your dreams and your desires are the ones that take you by the hand and drag you to the craziest, most exotic, wild, clandestine and effervescent places you have ever seen.

Guide to Australia

This could be the end of the post about the reasons to stop working and travel to Australia… But it is not!

What you are going to read next is just the origin of one of many stories. A story that begins here and now.

7:00 am. The mobile alarm sounds. Without thinking twice you turn it off. Five more minutes, you think. You close your eyes again and curl up on your side with the intention of continuing to sleep. Almost when you are about to fall asleep again the alarm sounds again, now it is time to get up. The clock is ticking and you have to face another day at your boring job.

It’s Monday and you still have five days to go until Saturday arrives. You jump up. You’re already late. You get in the shower thinking about how much you would like to stop working and be able to dedicate yourself to what you love so much. As you lather your hair, you fantasize about what it would be like to leave work to travel to a country far away.

Australia always caught your attention. Its beaches, the climate, its high salaries, its relaxed lifestyle, its world-class education system… You think Australia would be a good place to go for a while and you get out of the shower humming a song by Marvin that goes like this:

“Going from flower to flower is not so bad, they call it freedom.

He can’t compromise, one day he’ll be gone

And from Australia he will send postcards at Christmas

To those of you who stayed to live a script…

Greetings from the sun!”

You look at the clock again, “I don’t have time for breakfast anymore, great!” You run out, you drop your keys and in the elevator you meet your neighbor from the third floor. “Did you sleep well? What a face you have…You look down and leave without saying a word, on the way to the subway you look at yourself in the reflection of a shop window.

You have dark circles and a sad look. You feel tired of doing the same thing every day. You live waiting for the weekend to arrive. Nothing motivates you anymore. You silently hate your job and the same thought repeats itself over and over in your head: “I want to quit my job, I want to quit my job…”

You enter the subway almost by inertia. As always there is no room and you have to go on your feet. It’s almost 40 minutes of travel. You grab the handrail, take out your phone and open Instagram. You are about to scroll down the hashtag #workandstudyinaustralia to document yourself a bit about whether your dream is viable or has neither head nor tail. Hundreds of photos appear before your eyes. “Wow, how cool!” you think.

And then something happens.

You feel how someone gives you two taps on the back with their finger. You turn and an old co-worker appears before you. You take time to react.

Hi, how much time! I hardly even knew you, you look great —you say happily as you look her up and down— what’s your secret?

I just got back from Sydney. A year ago I decided to stop working to study abroad in Australia. I couldn’t take it anymore, I started to feel that I needed to turn my life around 180 degrees and I jumped at it.

Do not tell me! What a coincidence, just this morning I was thinking of quitting my job and doing something like that. How did you do it?

Buff… it’s a long story —she says between laughs— It was actually a friend

Buff… it’s a long story —she says between laughs— It was actually a friend who was in Melbourne who convinced me to take the leap. Everything seemed very complicated at first, but I assure you that it is not so complicated. It has been an amazing year! —She tells you with a smile from ear to ear— You should jump in too.


Yes… I wish! —you say while a nostalgic grimace appears on your face.

I’m serious! Here… —she tells you as she writes something on a piece of paper— This is the contact information for the people who helped me, write to them today!

“Thank you,” she answered, looking into her eyes, although without much conviction.

— Hey, I’m so glad to see you, I’m getting off at this stop.


“Okay, I’m very happy too,” you reply. Until next time!

— See now, mate! She—she waves her off as she flashes you an amused smile.

For a few minutes you hallucinate and firmly believe that the Universe is sending you a signal that morning. You put in Google “Why should I stop working and travel to Australia” and you click precisely on this post. You start reading it and end up making a list of more than 20 reasons why you should stop working and look for work in Australia.

You read it over and over again and make sure to leave it in a prominent place.

You keep reading and as you progress you begin to feel like the protagonist of this story.

Your heart begins to beat strongly and you are increasingly clear about what you want to do.

But first your curiosity piques you and you want to know the end of the story and its protagonist. Did she listen to her heart and set out to fulfill her dreams? Or did she pass up the opportunity?

What if we told you that YOU are the protagonist of this story and that right now you have the opportunity to write the following pages?

Do you choose to stay as you are or do you choose to launch?