Why you should measure your click speed

The average person spends a minimum of 7 hours, 11 minutes in front of their screens. Since we are beginning to spend so much screen time working, chatting, or playing games, it is important we learn to boost our click speed in other to save time.

A CPS test is the most efficient way to determine how quickly an individual can click on their trackpad or their mouse. It helps in consciously training your fingers while displaying your improvement with daily practice.

Based on statistics, the average click per second rate is 6.69, and Google’s world record is 14.1. This record is currently held by Jordan Hum with an amazing score of 70 clicks in 5 seconds.

While this record might sound impossible to beat, constant practice and an understanding of the test will lead to the creation of a record-breaker.

How does a CPS test work?

CPS is an acronym meaning “click per second”. It is an internet game that determines how the number of clicks an individual can make per second. The test involves clicking with your mouse as much as you can before the set time runs out. The number of clicks you make per second would then be calculated as your CPS.

Various websites run CPS tests for individuals and gamers especially. You can try this cps test to estimate your clicking skills, use the following steps:

  • Open the button which reads “start the click speed test”.
  • Put your cursor on the region you ought to click.
  • Click as quickly and as much as you can within the allocated time.

At the point when your time limit has expired, your outcome will be shown as CPS. This result in CPS is just the proportion of the number of clicks you make per the number of seconds you made them. The quicker you can click, the higher your CPS scores.

Tips for enhancing click speed

Consider the following tips when practicing to improve your click speed.

Select a time interval of five seconds

To increase your chances of earning high results, it is advisable to select a default time limit of five seconds. The CPS analyzer can not accurately rate your result if you choose to practice with a time interval above five seconds. It is believed that five seconds is the most suitable interval to test for click speeds, as a long time will eventually cause your fingers to slow down.

Good body postures

One way to enhance your clicks per speed is by learning and practicing good body postures. Before you begin to practice, be sure to have a relaxed hand. Rather than use one finger, consider using two to improve speed. In a bid to save time, avoid long distances between your mouse and your fingers. Lastly, try as much as possible to avoid randomly moving your mouse.

Use a specialized gaming mouse

If possible, use a mouse specially designed for gaming as this would increase flexibility and rating. Ensure that the mouse is properly fixed, and all settings are correct. The CPS test is beneficial to all, but mostly for gamers who seek to increase their gaming performance on various sites.

Benefits of estimating your click speed

Regardless of whether you are messaging friends, composing articles, or playing Minecraft, spending long sessions on your screen would weaken your fingers, reduce your click speed and eventually cause fatigue. Below are a few advantages of estimating your click speed using CPS.

Sharpens your mind

It is verifiable truth that when your brain is focused on meeting a certain target, it becomes devoted to it. When taking a CPS test, your mind focuses on achieving multiple clicks per second. The continuous practice would consequently improve your speed while sharpening your mind.

Saves time

When typing or shooting in video games, your click speed will determine how much time you would spend engaging in the activity. With improved CPS, users of gadgets save more time on-screen than they normally would.

Reduces fatigue

The constant fatigue on your fingers that comes with spending long sessions on touch screen keypads and your mouse would greatly be reduced. Consistently practicing CPS tests would become a form of exercising your fingers, stretching ligaments, and relieving fatigue

Increases mouse skills

A mouse is very vital when operating a computer system. Skills such as the efficient use of specialized gaming mouse are useful when playing online or offline games. With regular practice of CPS, comes complete mastery of mouse skills.


The most successful gamers are known to have the CPS rates. A gamers’ ability to accurately aim and shoot opponents depends on fast they can click their mouse. Games such as Minecraft, League of Legends, and Dota 2 require a high click per second rate to win. CPS offers a training ground for gamers to increase this ability through consistent practice and a visible display of improvement.