Why should you buy Punyus clothing?

As information technology advances, you will be able to purchase items more swiftly online. Items such as household goods, school materials, food, and even clothing are available. However, buying clothes online for big-size individuals appears to be impossible due to the difficulty in selecting the appropriate size. This article will help you how to overcome your anxiety and provide you with additional information on how to buy Punuys clothing, a Japanese fat-friendly clothing store.

What is Punyus? 

Punyus, owing to Naomi Watanabe, is one of Japan’s most well-known plus-size apparel businesses. Everything you need to make your clothing shine is fun designs, strong colors, and amusing imagery. Punyus’ clothing is influenced by streetwear. Every season, they release a new collection and have frequent online and in-store promotions.

Naomi Watanabe and Punyus brand 

Naomi Watanabe, the Punyus creator, is one of the factors that makes the company so intriguing. Naomi Watanabe (渡辺 直美) is a comedian and fashion designer from Japan. She was born in Taipei (Taiwan) in 1987 and raised in Ibaraki Province (Japan). Her ancestors are half-Taiwanese.

Naomi has a Youtube channel with over 700,000 subscribers and over 31 million views. Naomi also has a Twitter account with over 1.9 million followers and an Instagram account with over 9 million followers. These figures suggest that Naomi has a special place in the audience’s affections.

Naomi Watanabe intends to question the Japanese fashion industry’s size norms. Naomi, who is neither small nor thin, has made it her mission to alter people’s minds and encourage them to accept the concept of body positivity in Japan.

Even the Punyus brand name, believe it or not, basically translates to “chubby” in Japanese. Not only did Naomi’s name and stature set her apart, but it was her decision to focus on current trends that truly flipped the Japanese fashion industry on its head. Never before have larger-sized women in Japan seen streetwear, hip-hop, and kawaii (or cute) trends.

Her brand targets mostly plus-size ladies. According to the Washington Post, comedian 8X said: “Women with enormous bodies are unable to dress how they choose in Japan. They are only allowed to wear black skirts and never reveal their flesh. Of course, overweight ladies are always looking for new outfits, but there aren’t any for us.” Many plus-sized ladies are able to pursue a more beautiful and stylish style thanks to the appearance of Punyus and Naomi Watanabe’s happy and encouraging posts.

Naomi Watanabe’s business, on the other hand, continues to sell items in a variety of sizes. “If I just produce huge apparel, it’s as if I’m separating myself from females with small bodies,” the female artist says. I don’t want to treat anyone unfairly.” Naomi’s approach to product promotion is likewise pretty distinctive. She frequently employs a model with a slender shape to wear the same dress like a model with a plump body whenever she does a picture session to promote a new collection. Buyers can easily compare the two females with varied body types, demonstrating that overweight women can nevertheless dress boldly and stylishly.

In Punuys, what can you buy?

When you visit this company’s website, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of apparel styles available, including skirts, hoodies, tops, jackets, T-shirts, and so on. When you visit the Punyus booth, you will be wowed by the incredibly young and energetic attire with the youth theme, as well as the charm and charisma of the Punyus characters. So if you want to order clothes from Japan, Punyus can be an idea for you to choose from. 

The inventor of this firm modeled his items after Naomi, so you can experience the great energy she exudes. The new collections are ideal for women of all ages, from adolescence to middle age. When you have Punyus’ customized garments, you will no longer feel guilty or inferior about your body’s flaws.

If you have the option to buy Punyus clothing, you will not have to worry about matching or combining clothing with accessories. On the Punyus official website, each product is pre-assembled with accessories for you to pick from. The business also sells backpacks, masks, shoes, caps, belts, socks, undergarments, aprons, and other items in addition to clothing.


When you go to this store’s website to buy Punyus clothing, you must first create an account in order to shop online. If you don’t use Japanese, though, you may utilize Janbox.com to order things in Punyus more simply. Customers from all around the world who need to buy from Japan may use Janbox, which offers a variety of languages to pick from. Furthermore, the issue of carrying items to your location will be absolutely safe and quick. So, why don’t you give Janbox an opportunity to assist you with your Punyus purchases?