Why should use strategies in sports South Africa

Are there any win-win sports betting strategies? How to choose a profitable betting strategy with minimal risk? Where to apply a financial sports betting strategy?

We continue the topic of profitable betting in bookmakers. In the new article, we will talk about betting strategies. Also you can read top betting sites. Those who read it to the end will understand one important thing – no matter how attractive strategies are in theory, the main indicator of their success is assessed only by practice.

Mindlessly copying other people’s recipes is unwise and inappropriate. The purpose of the publication is to teach players to live with their minds, consistently and gradually moving towards the cherished goal.

And the most patient readers will find tips on how to make the strategy game as safe and profitable as possible.

Why you should use sports betting strategies

Everyone who bets on sports has their own strategy. Even if a player does not try to formulate it or define it, it is still there. Any handicapper (professional gambler in a betting shop) places bets based on past experience. That is, they don’t bet mindlessly, but in accordance with their ideas about competent play.

There are, of course, freaks who bet for the sake of betting. They don’t care if their bet loses or wins, they are interested in the process. I hope there are no ludomaniacs (gambling addicts) among our readers. Our professionals made a review of 285. Smart people bet not for the sake of playing but for the sake of earning money.

It is from this point of view that we will consider betting strategies. When the task of a handicapper is not to guess the outcome of a particular sporting event but to make a profitable investment, the approach to betting changes. It becomes more thoughtful, sober, and efficient.

So, the first question is whether it is worth using betting strategies at all? The answer depends on which ones. I will reveal a secret: most of the most popular gaming and financial strategies work not for the benefit of players but for the benefit of betting business owners.

The strategy creates the illusion of a purposeful and consistent game. It allows you to allocate finances wisely and make fewer impulsive bets. The only downside is that it does not yield tangible profit over the long haul. That is why bookmakers welcome popular strategies and even advertise them on their websites.

So first, you should get rid of the main illusion. Remember: there is no universal game strategy that will allow you to become a super successful handicapper. Progressive strategies and those that are on everyone’s lips are especially dangerous.

What should you do? Live with your mind. Only those handicappers who come to the creation of their own author’s methods through trial and error end up in the black.

But this does not mean that all existing popular strategies are slag. They must be studied, tested, and used if necessary. At least because some of them help to understand the mathematical laws of betting and develop your own unique methods based on them.

An example of a successful strategy

A man with a dog enters a bar and makes a bet with the visitors that his dog will speak in a human voice. The dog is silent, the man pays up and leaves to the deafening laughter of the patrons.

On the street, a man scolds the dog:

“I lost a lot of money because of you! Why didn’t you speak up?

You’re a fool, the dog replies, you have to think strategically. Imagine how much money we will rake in tomorrow!

There are 3 types of strategies:

  • game strategies;
  • financial;
  • combined.

Many of them came to the betting business from the casino world. Some strategies are hundreds of years old, but they continue to be promoted on biased betting websites and forums.

Bookmakers take advantage of the idealization of the betting process inherent in many players. It is tempting for a player to play according to a strategy that has some intricate pseudo-scientific name.

This approach looks solid in the eyes of beginners. But in fact, all these advertised strategies are an elegant “divorce” of inexperienced players for money. Be smarter – don’t fall for bookmakers’ tricks.

We will discuss the most famous strategies in the next section. As the saying goes, you need to know your enemy by sight.

Another type of classification of players by strategic preferences is the division into forecasters and mathematicians. The former take into account only game and sports factors, analyze statistics, physical form of players, and look for “insider information.

The latter are not interested in all this information. They focus on the odds. If they see that a bookmaker has overestimated the probability of an event, they will definitely take advantage of it and profit from such bets in the long run.

Professional handicappers know that the main rule of success is to refuse popular strategies and bets on mass markets. Public opinion significantly affects the coefficients and distribution of cash flows. Remember that 95-98% of betting players play in the red. Do you want to follow the crowd and bet like everyone else? Then get ready for losses.

Murphy’s Laws for betting

The best strategy is the one that gives 0% profit after 500 bets, as all other strategies will give even less.

The strategy remains profitable and promising until you start placing bets on it.

Still, strategic thinking is the basis for future victories. So no one forbids you to bet on a strategy. Another thing is that the strategy should be author’s and developed on the basis of personal experience.