Why MBA in Germany?

Are you planning for an MBA from a foreign university but not exactly sure from where? Then, look no further. Studying MBA in Germany can provide you with a unique blend of world-renowned universities, providing you with excellent career opportunities by assisting you in developing an international professional network as well as experiencing a rich cultural heritage that will satisfy your wanderlust. Germany has long been regarded as one of the world’s top educational destinations. Germany is known for its world-class education as well as its technological innovations, automobile industry, engineering, science, and research.

An MBA degree, no doubt, equips you with the knowledge of business principles and focuses on building leadership skills and, more importantly, confidence to carry any big project on your shoulders. But for many students, earning an MBA degree can be akin to making a financial investment, and it is even a safe bet when earned from a prestigious university abroad. Studying MBA helps to broaden your knowledge of international business, gain more insights, and develop innovative skills and tactics that can be applied to any business project in the world. In addition to gaining an international professional network, access to better job opportunities, and a larger paycheck, the return on investment is significantly higher when compared to an Indian MBA degree. This article will outline the numerous benefits of pursuing an MBA from a German business school and how it can help you advance your career.

Why should you consider an MBA from Germany?

Germany, with a GDP of about $5 trillion and the world’s fourth-largest economy, has one of the most stable economies in the world, offering world-class education, great job prospects, and a high quality of life. Germany also has some of the best business schools in the world, with full-time and part-time MBA programs available, as well as the added benefit of learning English. You do not need to worry about learning German, though it is always beneficial to learn the local language to become more acquainted with the country’s culture and people. So, let us delve deeper to learn more about why studying MBA in Germany can be an amazing and rewarding experience.

 1.    No tuition fees

Yes, you read that correctly. When you consider Germany for your higher education, the first thought to cross your mind is how expensive the course is going to be. Aside from offering a high standard of education, there are many German universities that offer MBA programs with no tuition fees to students, regardless of whether they are from the European Union (EU) or outside. However, there is a catch. Only public universities provide tuition-free programs. As a result, it is critical to determine whether or not the MBA program you are interested in is offered by a public university.

However, the good news is that only 10% of universities in Germany are private, and they offer excellent MBA programs at much lower tuition fees compared to the US, UK, or other European counterparts. Also, Students can also apply for university grants or scholarship programs, as well as work part-time to help fund their education.

2.    Affordable cost of living

Germany is a considerably affordable country with the cost-of-living averaging around 700-900€ including rent, food, transport, health insurance, telephone/internet, study materials, and leisure activities. The main expense for a student is accommodation which can be cut down by renting shared accommodation or even further if you are staying in university halls, which costs around €350 a month.

3.    Great career opportunities and access to top job offers

As the home of globally renowned pioneer brands such as BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens, Adidas, Porsche, SAP, Deutsche Bank, and many more, obtaining an MBA from a German university opens doors to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with these global titans, as most of the programs tend to be directly connected with the German industry. Hence, the majority of the programs can offer placements in well-renowned companies.

4.    Home to excellent MBA programs

 Germany provides a high standard of education, as evidenced by its high rankings among the best MBA programs in Europe and around the world. German MBAs emphasize concise practical oriented in-depth learning with a focus on research and developing real-world skills that allow for a smooth transition into the work environment, as well as the option to specialize in your desired field of domains. Furthermore, MBA programs in Germany provide a wide range of specializations, including MBAs in digital marketing, design thinking, business analysis, engineering management, and marketing management, among others. This will help you broaden your knowledge and develop a sought-after skill set, which will help you advance your career and make you stand out to potential employers.

5.    Learning the German language

While it is not compulsory to learn the German language, as international students have the option of learning their desired course in English, it is always beneficial to learn a new language. Germany has one of the strongest economies in Europe, and learning German will give you an advantage not only in terms of settling or securing jobs in Germany but also in obtaining excellent opportunities outside the country.

6.    Post-study work visa

After completing their MBA in Germany, international students are eligible to apply for a residence permit under German law. Students from non-EU nations are eligible to apply for a maximum of a four-year residence permit under immigration laws, which gives them a chance to look for jobs that match their educational requirements. Once you have earned your MBA, you will have plenty of time to investigate the job market and the opportunity to work for renowned global corporations.

7.    Great international and multicultural social experience

The excellent quality of the German educational system draws many students from around the world, creating a vibrant, multicultural environment. You have the chance to make friends with people from different ethnic backgrounds, which broadens your perspective by integrating you into the international student community and growing your global network. Additionally, studying in Germany gives you access to a variety of opportunities, a chance to network with professionals from around the globe, and allows you to gain a global perspective on your industry.