Why is there a need for gynaecologist consultation?

A branch of medicine that focuses on women’s health and associated reproductive disorders is Gynaecology. Gynaecology is in short terms, “Study of Woman”. The health professionals with an expertise in this field are Gynaecologists. Gynaecologists diagnose and treat issues in the women’s reproductive system. They have a deep knowledge of diagnosis, cure, and care of female’s conditions. These doctors treat health issues such as STIs, pregnancy issues, maternal problems, menstruation abnormalities, hormone disorders, fertility problems, and any problems associated with female reproductive systems involving the ovaries, vagina, uterus, or breasts. They can also help stop recurring BV issue in women.

Every female must go for a gynaecologist follow-up regularly. At times, a small issue may lead to some big problems such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, or UTI and more. Here, at Lybrate you can get all information related to gynaecology and a complete list of the best gynaecologist in Bangalore.

Types of specialisations

  • Urogynecologist: This branch associates with bladder issues. With childbirth, females slowly lose their control over the bladder. Urogynaecology is a branch related to such issues such as recurrent urination. Gynecologists in Bangalore are trained in this. They treat pelvic floor disorders via reconstructive surgery and nonsurgical approaches. Urogynecologists complete their 4 years of residency in OBS/GYNAE field.
  • OB/GYN (Obstetrician/Gynaecologist): There are several Gynaecology clinics available in Bangalore. These hospitals or clinics has the best gynaecologists in the city. They have an expertise in pregnancy management, treating female reproductive disorders, and prenatal care. Top gynaecologists of Bangalore also deliver utmost medical services in Pap test screening, preventive care, and identification of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Fetal medicine: These days due to late marriages chromosomal issues might develop. At times, an issue related to Rh incompatibility might develop. Biochemical and ultrasound tests are helpful for identifying such defect. In such cases, early abortions are likely. This branch seems like Gynaecological ultrasound. It is also a sub-division of gynaecology.
  • Gynaecological Oncology: Doctors specialized in this field treats reproductive-organ cancers. The surgical procedure may involve urological surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, and radical pelvic surgery.
  • Reproductive Endocrinologist: This field looks into endocrinological issues of a female. This helps patients to diagnose their disease. It relates to managing all problems related to puberty, childbirth, and menopause. Reproductive endocrinologist treats reproductive disorders, particularly infertility. Also, they have an experience of treating hormonal disorders, infertility, menopause, pregnancy loss, and menstrual issues.

Treatment Options Available in Bangalore

Gynaecology clinics in Bangalore offers these treatments:

Pelvic Laparoscopy

This is a form of surgical approach done under general anaesthesia. This involves a small cut in your belly button or lower abdominal area. Doctors specialized in this field are available in Bangalore. This is a minimally invasive procedure. As, only small cuts are made in this.


This is an easy procedure that lets the gynaecologist get a good look at your cervix. The assessment takes five to ten minutes. During this procedure, a distinct lighted microscope named a colposcope expands the tissue lining the cervix and vagina.

LEEP Procedure

When a PAP smear indicates abnormality in the cells on the surface of the cervix, then your gynaecologist might utilize LEEP (Loop electrosurgical excision procedure). In this, the principal gynaecologists in Bangalore make use of an electrically-charged, thin wire loop to remove the abnormal tissue. The procedure takes around 20 minutes, and the complete recovery time is around 4 weeks.

With LEEP, electric current heats an insulated wire loop which is utilized to take out the abnormal tissue. Once it’s taken out, testing of tissue can be done for precancerous cells. This condition is referred to as cervical dysplasia or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Cervical dysplasia is not a cancer. However, it might cause cervical cancer gradually when left untreated.

Cervical Cryosurgery

At times, the abnormal cells present in the cervix fail to heal. In such conditions, your gynaecologist might suggest to undergo cervical cryosurgery. It is also referred to as cryotherapy. It is quite efficacious as it freezes the cervix segment. This process aids to damage any irregular cervical cells that lead to changes and may cause cancer. These cells can also be called precancerous cells.

Cryosurgery of the cervix makes use of intensely cold chemicals such as liquid nitrogen. These chemicals damage the apprehensive cells or tissue in a female’s cervix.

Why is there a need for gynaecologist consultation?

A gynaecologist visit is advisable for annual screening. Also, at any time a female is concerned about signs including pelvic, vulvar, and vaginal pain or irregular bleeding from the uterus. It might also link to fertility, preconception, prenatal, or maternal care. This kind of consultation is increasingly becoming significant. This is because of the increased risk of exposure of females to health ailments such as STDs or cancers. Thus, every female should visit a gynaecologist once in a month or two. Gynaecologists in Bangalore have an expertise in curing every type of female issues.