Why Do Businesses Use SAP Analytics Cloud?

Every business today needs to adopt a holistic, end-to-end strategy to tend to their data analytics offerings. Not every business understands this need and those that do, rise to the top. One name that is sure to set everything straight in this context is SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud, or SAC, has become the go-to tool for businesses that wish to plan and integrate their operations with the components of predictive analytics. Once you earn a SAP Analytics Cloud certification, you will be able to get more opportunities, or even excel at your current job.

Here are a few reasons why businesses use SAP Analytics Cloud, which will give you a nudge to learn SAC. Let’s begin!

SAP Analytics Cloud – A Brief

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a SaaS platform and a leading tool in the world of business intelligence to take care of all the major three parts of a business, namely planning, predictive analytics, and data visualization. SAC stands out from the crowd as it integrates analytics across all business processes and at every level.

This comprehensive analytics platform facilitates SAP-centric organizations in quickly creating powerful models from all types of data, analyzing mission-critical data, and visualizing in real-time. Enroll in SAP Analytics Cloud training program to fully comprehend the best practices and resources related to this field.

Why do Businesses use SAP Analytics Cloud?

Businesses have come to use SAC for a lot of reasons and the plethora of benefits they gain. Here are a few reasons that you should know about. These reasons will further nudge you to pick SAP Analytics Cloud course and explore a future in this field.

  • Accelerate Decision Making

SAC is an all-in-one suite of budgeting and forecasting, predictive capabilities and scenario simulations, reporting, and analytics, which aid all extended planning processes. It offers actionable insights into energy usage patterns and trends to facilitate organizations in making data-driven decisions.

Companies are able to compare as well as analyze energy usage and costs throughout the operations.

  • No Infrastructure Costs

Since it is a cloud solution, no direct infrastructure costs are involved. Businesses can choose to pay on a per-user or monthly subscription basis, which saves them a good amount of infrastructure costs. Since everything is on the cloud, no bulky systems are needed with the expansion of the business.

  • Create Appealing Dashboards & Visualizations

SAC enables in creating detailed and appealing dashboards and visualizations, which aid in monitoring and visualizing trends and usage in real-time. This facilitates organizations in quickly identifying areas that are both excelling and lacking.

SAC provides various advanced visualization capabilities that allow the users to create interactive reports and dashboards easily. These can be shared with and understood by the stakeholders.

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  • Embrace New Challenges

Companies have no idea what their sector and the world in general would look like in the coming time. With the changes, higher operational costs might come forth, leading to jeopardized profits. However, SAC keeps a track of all the changes and aids organizations in keeping up with the changing trends and cutting back on the additional costs.

  • Highly Accurate Forecasting

SAC brings extensive predictive planning capabilities to the table, enabling organizations to anticipate the future costs on the basis of external factors and historical data. This tool integrates with SAP S/4HANA to easily get access to data from ERP.

It automates workflows to streamline energy forecast creating processes, as the processes of data collection and analysis are automated. This leads to better efficiency as data accuracy is ensured.

  • On-Demand Scalability

SAC offers pay-per-use flexibility, which enables organizations to scale up or down as per the demand and the necessity. Hence, you only pay for what you use and when you use it. This saves businesses a lot of money and time, since businesses are always experiencing fluctuations. 


When it comes to truly understanding why businesses use SAP Analytics Cloud, you will need to take the support of a leading course. Decoding SAC features will enable you to optimally use them and enable an organization in leveraging them to drive positive results. Earn a certification today and be the driving force behind the success of an organization.

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