Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for a Playroom

The playroom is a godsend for most parents. While it might be messy at the end of the day, it (mostly) stops toys from sprawling across the entire house. A playroom isn’t just great for adults who want a break from the constant energy of their children, but for children themselves, it is an important space for them to learn and grow. 

There are many ways you can make this room magical and stimulating for your children. You may paint murals on the walls, install some colourful mobiles or even use chalkboard paint to make the entire room a canvas. We think that one of the most awesome things you can do in a playroom is to use artificial grass, and here’s why…


Touch and texture expose children to the world around them. In order for your children to have a good understanding of things they can later learn to verbally communicate. As they learn to communicate, the more they’ve been exposed to, the better their language skills will develop.

Texture also helps to develop motor skills. Artificial grass is just begging to be gripped, stroked and poked, which will help children strengthen the muscles in their body and their hand-eye coordination. 


The playroom is the perfect location for children to practise their mental creativity. When you add grass to the floor of the playroom, it transforms it from an ordinary room to anything they may imagine: pretending to be a horse in a field, or a farmer, or turning the room into a wild jungle. The additional outdoor feeling will give them limitless access to their creativity and help them grow into creative people. 

A Soft Landing

While the design aesthetics of solid wood flooring or tiles may look good throughout your house, they aren’t ideal for children to play on. Artificial grass offers a softer surface for kids to fall onto. You can make the flooring even more fall-friendly by adding a decent underlayment underneath the grass. 

Knowing that you have the best safety in your playroom helps you feel confident to leave your children in there to play for hours on end. 

Bringing the Outside, Inside

Things have changed since the days when children would be left outside unattended for hours on end. But what hasn’t changed is the child’s natural curiosity for the outside world.

 Of course, you can’t put a real grass lawn inside the house but by using artificial grass to create an indoor lawn – you give children a feeling of being free and outside. It also means they have a lawn to play in come rain or shine. 


By now, we imagine you’re keen to get some artificial grass installed in your playroom. However, there are numerous other ways to create a magical inside space for your children so you should allow their tastes to dictate how you decorate their space.