Which sports apps are best for beginners?

One of the first questions for beginners is: where is the best place to Pin-Up.bet on sports? And this is a completely logical question, given how many bookmakers are currently on the market. After all, there are both time-tested and young companies. But here experience is not always an indicator of quality. 

Experienced and proven companies have the advantage that they have a large number of reviews from players, and you can accurately determine their pros and cons. If we are talking about younger companies, then everything is not so simple with reviews there.

As we have already said, there are a large number of BC ratings. They can help you choose a particular company. It is worth paying attention to whether the company has a welcome bonus and whether it is difficult to win it. It is important to remember that bonuses often carry pitfalls. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the level of the margin, as well as how often and what amounts the office pays out.

If you have already decided on the type of sport you will bet on, then it is advisable to find a bookmaker that specializes in this type of sport, like Mostbet online. Most often, each of them has lines from many sports disciplines, but sometimes some are represented more. 

You also need to look at the amount of the minimum and maximum bets if you want to regularly make predictions on sports. It is also very important to pay attention to the methods of identification and withdrawal of funds from the bookmaker office. They are a little different everywhere, and may be more convenient in one or another case.


Pin-Up has acquired its own mobile application relatively recently. But this application is made in a modern style and meets all the requirements of the market. Players have access to all the necessary functionality and access to a huge number of broadcasts. Technical and information support works at a high level. In addition, the bookmaker decided to support its users with a special promotion. Each user who downloads the mobile application receives a free bet from Pin-Up in the amount of 500 bonus rubles.


This company prefers to develop all its products independently. Its sports betting app is in the company’s traditional style and is well-executed. Traditionally, there are all the possibilities for crediting and withdrawing money, the ability to bet on current and upcoming matches, as well as watch television broadcasts of sports games from around the world. A slight inconvenience for players may be the lack of statistics sections and viewing the results of completed events.


The 1x company provides its customers with the opportunity to download a mobile application for any platform, register and take advantage of all the features of the official website of this bookmaker. A distinctive feature of the application from the betting company 1xBet is speed and high performance. With a stable mobile Internet speed, changes in the game environment and the size of the odds for different outcomes are reflected almost instantly. Also, the transition between sections of the application is quite fast.

Is it possible to make money on bets?

Probably, one of the most important questions asked by almost all bookmakers is whether it is possible to make money from it. And here there are several points of view.

If a player is serious about analyzing sports events, is not afraid of losing, has his own strategy and has chosen one sport to bet on, success can be quite high.

If the player is constantly trying to win on intuition, without any strategy or analytics, then it will be a bit more difficult here. It is important to remember that betting on sports is primarily entertainment and the bookmaker cannot guarantee you a win or a loss, as you yourself choose what to bet on. Your win or loss is always just the result of one or another match, for which only the athletes are responsible.

One of the main rules is that you should not take sports betting seriously. You should always remember the option in which your bet may not go. This will help to perceive the loss not so painfully. And in general, there are many successful examples in ponds. It depends on what you invest in forecasting and how passionate you are about it. 

In many ways, it is the desire that overpowers the regret for lost money that sometimes brings success. The main thing is to believe and act, doing everything in your power.