Which Solar Panel Is Best in Ireland?

Solar Panels help generate electricity in the house, directly taking the source of energy from sunlight. Places like Ireland have solar panels installed in most of their houses due to their cold weather.

Now the thing is, the solar panels need to be chosen very carefully, but which solar panel is best in Ireland?

With a variety of brands available in the market, let’s go through some of the high-end solar panels in Ireland based on quality and popularity.

Which Solar Panel Is Best In Ireland?

The prices are important for an economic budget, but the quality should also be important based on the weather, temperature, quality, and other features as well.

So, let’s take a look at the best solar panel in Ireland.

  • Jinko Solar Panel

One of the most popular and best solar panels used worldwide, Jinko Solar Panel gets first in the list of the best solar panels in Ireland. The value chain of their solar products is vertically integrated. 

Their special annual capacity includes 11GW (Gigawatt) of Solar Cells, 25GW of Solar Modules, and 20GW of mono wafers. Jinko Solar assures 25 years of product and 30 years of performance warranty; the highest of any solar product. 

The key benefit of Jinko Solar is that the panels have an efficiency of 22% and are corrosion resistant. Jink’s power production can be up to 620 WP (Watt-Peak). Moreover, Jinko Solar Panels can repel heavy loads like winds and snow.

  • Sunpower Solar Panels

If you are thinking of searching for some more solar panels in Ireland, say hello to Sunpower Solar Panel. They are the second-best solar panel after Jinko. Many apartments and companies choose this brand of solar panel because they are as efficient as affordable.

These solar panels produce energy more than any other standard solar panels and give out a warranty of 40 years, the longest there is, which means productivity will be at its peak. 

Along with the feature of capturing more solar energy, Sunpower Solar Panels also has heat, mist, and snow resisting system that will run for decades.

Some notable features of the Sunpower Solar Panel include functioning at an adjusted temperature, resisting any cracking or breaking, and capturing more sunlight at dusk and dawn.

  • Meyer-Burger Solar Panel

Third on the list is Meyer-Burger Solar Panel, a high-performance product with better photovoltaic cells and modules. Their specially developed Smart Wire Technology, also known as Cutting Edge Heterojunction, helps capture sunlight and smooth performance.

The measurement in Meyer-Burger’s solar module is used with the latest technology with a high energy yield and efficiency. And the design of the panel and the ability to withstand any crack or climate load made them one of the popular solar panels in Ireland.

  • Sunman Lightweight Solar Panel

These solar panels are as affordable, flexible, and lightweight as possible. The camping features, a lightweight, portable system, better off-grid systems, and the power to catch up to 300 Watts of sunlight made this solar panel the most efficient and economical.

Just like Jinko, this solar panel is used in Ireland and all across the globe. Some of the notable benefits of this solar panel are it weighs 70% less than the other panels, has a unique aesthetic design with an easy installation system, and is also certified for heavy durability. 

Final Words

We hope you got the answer to which solar panel is best in Ireland. The main point is that the panels should be helping with keeping the temperature stable plus keeping our surrounding environment safe. 

However, you must have a solar panel installer like Colver Systems Energy to install your desired solar panels. Give them a go.