Which is the best AC in 1 ton? 

While purchasing air conditioners, people often wonder which is the best AC– Window 1-ton ac or Split? The answer is complicated because both air conditioners have pros and cons and cater to different market segments. Although window ac is more common than a split ac, people have their reasons for purchasing a particular model.

Window 1-ton ac vs Split 1-ton ac

The capacity of the air conditioner depends upon the size of the room. Therefore, what kind of ac will suit your purpose depends on where you want to install it. Moreover, purchasing an air conditioner of suitable capacity is essential because you cannot enjoy the cool air of your brand if you end up with a hefty electricity bill.

Let’s check out the facts: purchasing an AC that is too big for your room will cool the place much faster without removing enough humidity. If that happens, it will leave you clammy and cold. Similarly, if the AC is too small, it could maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. How do you decide the capacity of the AC you buy? Is the 1 ton AC you plan to buy enough for your room size?

Window ac is also easy to install, unlike Split ac which involves a complicated installation process. It’s also comparatively easier to repair a window ac because, in every neighbourhood, you will find a trained mechanic. However, for the Split ac, you will need a well-trained mechanic who will charge more.

Room Size Matters

While purchasing an air conditioner for your home, the most crucial factor you need to remember is that the AC’s capacity is directly proportional to the size of the room you will install. We all know that the bigger the room, the higher the capacity. Therefore, a space of around 100 to 120 square feet will need an ac of 1-ton capacity. Similarly, for bigger rooms of size 180 square feet or more, you should purchase a 1.5-ton air conditioner.

 The Right Capacity

The following chart will give you a good idea about what size of ac to purchase for a room.

  • For a room size of 100 to 120 square feet, a 1-ton AC is enough
  • For a room size of 120 to 179 square feet, a 1.5-ton AC is enough
  • For rooms more significant than 180 square feet in area, a 2-ton AC is enough.

There are other factors too that affect the cooling. For example, if the amount of sunlight entering the space is more, you should consider this factor while buying an AC. If your room has a door that opens into a balcony or window in the north direction, it will attract more sunlight and, therefore, more heat. In this case, you must increase the AC capacity by at least 10% to maintain sufficient cooling. Similarly, for top-floor apartments or penthouses, you need more cooling capacity.

Naturally, any structure situated on the top floor will get more sunlight; therefore, it will also need more cooling. Remember, the best ac is one that gives you the best cooling. If you occupy an entire floor room of 150 square feet where direct sunlight falls, you should buy a 1.5-ton ac instead of a 1-ton.