What unique features does the networking app ‘Khul Ke’ offer?

Let’s start with a question:

When you unlock your smartphone, which app do you go to first? WhatsApp? Instagram? Or the black sheep discovered during the beginning of the pandemic- Zoom?

For most of us, our networking apps are the most frequently used apps. From excitedly sending a voice note to a friend telling them how awesome the new Marvel movie is to attending a morning work meeting via video, your apps enable you to stay connected. However, how often do you find yourself switching between apps? You may be sharing memes on one app with a friend and attending a panel discussion on the disruptive nature of cryptocurrency on another. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that allows you to experience all of it under one roof? Where you can share your views about climate change with your friends, attend the launch of your favourite smartphone brand’s latest product, and chat with your colleagues without switching between three different apps?

If that kind of feature-rich app appeals to you, then let’s talk openly about Khul Ke– the networking platform that enables you to have diverse, deeper conversations with others via multiple format .

Keep reading to understand more about the three brilliant features of Khul Ke.

  • RoundTable

Imagine being in the audience when Oscar-winning filmmakers are engaging in an online discussion about new-age filmmaking techniques, and you being able to simultaneously hold a conversation with other members about your collective takeaways from the panel. RoundTable allows the panellist(s), who could be a celebrity, influencer, industry leader, tech hotshot, or thought leader, to convey their ideas through audio, video, and text. Everyone is free to engage with each other without any restrictions. At the same time, there is also responsible and healthy moderation done by the moderators to maintain the integrity of the discussions. These RoundTable discussions can be done in public, private, or confidential mode, which allows the users to control how they intend to communicate with each other. You can visit here to know the GB WHATSAPP

  • TownHall

In this space, the user can share their thoughts, opinions, observations and ask questions to people in their Khul Ke network. Whether it is a theory of how Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Daredevil are related or a big political analysis, they can share their thoughts through audio or visual content. Their network can like, comment, or share their post and, in the process, connect more people to the original user. This can be a communication platform for entrepreneurs, changemakers, students, influencers, and a diverse range of people to connect openly with potentially like-minded people or even with people who hold a different perspective and can learn from each other!

  • Yapp

Khul Ke offers its member community an in-built native messenger called ‘Yapp’. Users can engage in private one-on-one conversations with each other directly. Imagine this- you have just attended a virtual seminar on RoundTable, and you want to share all the interesting bits with your best friend. All you must do is switch between your RoundTable tab to the Yapp tab and start the conversation!

The three features, individually and together, offer multiple opportunities for the user to engage in meaningful and deep conversations.

Are you ready to express khul ke yet?