What to post on Instagram?

If you are new to Instagram and wondering what to post on Instagram, this article can help you. It’s not just the number of story viewers that you see in your app but there are a huge chunk of anonymous Instagram story viewers too.

Here are the best Instagram post ideas that will help you to create exciting and creative posts to engage your followers and attract more users. We have listed the 20 best Instagram posts ideas that you can try to spice up your Instagram account.

1: Puzzles And Quizzes

You can create puzzles for your followers and play quizzes with them. For example, you can post a picture of yourself and ask them to guess the place. You can also create fun quizzes like What’s My Astrological Sign, If I Were An Animal, I’D Be, etc.

2: Let Them Ask Questions

You can let your followers ask questions to you. And you can answer them and interact with your followers. You can also share interesting and valuable questions with your followers.

3: Product Teasers

Don’t miss sharing product teasers. If you are launching or releasing a new product, then don’t miss sharing teasers. Teasers build up the excitement and suspense among your followers for your product.

4: Flash Sale Stories

Flash Sale Stories are the best way to promote a product and attract more people to purchase it. A story disappears in 24 hours, so you can use it to share flash sales and make people not miss the opportunity.

5: Interviews In Stories

Besides, you can share the interviews on your story. Take interesting Q&A interviews of strangers and share them on your story.

6: Educational or How-To Videos and Stories

Educational or How-to tutorials are also one of the most attractive content that people love to watch. So, if you have something that you can share with your followers, go for it.

7: Behind the Scenes

Your followers will love to watch how you create your content. So, you can share your behind-the-scenes with them and let them know how you work for your content.

8: Product Posts

A little show-off on Instagram is acceptable. So, show off with your unique products. You can also share unboxing videos or a review for a product.

9: Your Routine

You can also share your morning routine with your followers. Trust me! Your followers will love to know about your routine. If you are a fashion blogger or an influencer, this is the best you can post.

10: Reposts From Fans and Followers

Appreciate or thank your fans and followers by reposting their posts. If you like anything your follower shares, you can share it on your feed or story.

11: Polls on Story

If you are wondering what to post on Instagram, then you must try conducting Polls. Polls are a great way to interact with your followers. Let them make a little choice and share their opinion by creating a Poll. You can create a poll like Are you a dog or cat person? Better first date: dinner or movie?

12: Tagging Posts

You can also share posts on which people can tag their friends. It is also an excellent way to keep your followers engaged. You can ask them to tag short, tall, funny, serious, immature friends.

13: Questions

If you want more engagement with your followers, you can raise questions on your story or feed. You can ask questions like the best movie to watch, the best song to listen, the best place to travel, and many more.

14: Featuring Posts

Also, share featuring posts and tag your followers, friends, employees, and more. And if you are a business owner, you can also feature your customers, and they will love it.

15: Tip and Tricks 

Everyone love to know about different tips and tricks. So, you can also share tips and tricks, hacks, and more with your followers that you apply. You can share tips for skincare, tricks for perfect pictures, and more.

16: Quotes

A motivational quote is also one of the best things you can share with your followers. We all need motivation and inspiration at different phases of life. So, sharing a motivational quote with your followers is a great idea.

17: Your Current Activity

You can also share your current activity with your Instagram followers. Tell them what you are watching, where you are going, what you are eating, what you are reading, and anything else.

18: Mention Your Favorite Tools, Apps, and Filters

Along with all these, you can share your favorite editing apps, tools, and filters with your fans and followers. If your followers are fond of your editing skills, they will love to know more about this.

19: Use Countdowns and Shoutouts

Shoutouts and Countdowns are the best way to build up the excitement and interest of the people. You can create a shoutout post for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or to thank someone. You can also start a countdown for special occasions or a release.

20: Conduct a Contest and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are the best way to attract more and more people. You can conduct contests and giveaways for your followers and gift them exciting surprises.

What should I post on Instagram?

You should post content that your followers find attractive. You can post behind the scenes, conduct polls, raise questions, share your routine, post inspirational quotes, share tutorials and educational content, host a contest or giveaways, create shoutouts, and more.

What should I post for my first Instagram?

It is all your choice what you want to post as your first Instagram post. But it will be better if you introduce yourself first. And you can do it with a catchy caption. Next, you can share your hobbies, interests, and more about yourself. And if you have a business account, you should share about your products and service.

What should I post on Instagram every day?

To engage and attract your audience, you should post attractive posts, Quizzes, Polls, and Questions about your product. You can also share featuring posts or accounts, valuable activity, and DMs. Along with this, you can also share tutorial videos, humourous posts, behind the scenes, and more. Try to interact and engage your followers more.


So, this was the article, ‘What to post on Instagram.’ We have listed the 20 best things that you can post on Instagram. You can use the listed creative Instagram posts ideas to spice up your Instagram account.