What to do if someone broke into my car without breaking window to claim insurance

You must report any case of someone breaking into your car to your insurance company. You will also find out the details of your insurance claims for damages to get your vehicle back in a good state.

Although it might seem confusing, insurance coverage for car burglaries could be covered by two types of insurance:

  • If you purchased your policy, the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy will cover any damage to your vehicle.
  • Your homeowners, condo, or renters insurance will cover you for any stolen personal items (such a laptop).

Each type of insurance will have a different deductible. If you have a $500 minimum deductible on your comprehensive coverage, and the repair costs are $1,000, then you will be responsible for $500 in repair charges. Your car insurance company will cover $500. If you have $500 in your home insurance deductible and the replacement cost of a stolen laptop costs $1,200, your home insurer will pay $700 cost coverage).

Steps to fill for Insurance Claim if someone broke into my car without breaking window

The process of claiming insurance are difference for many insurance companies that is why you do research your insurance company even before selecting for them in the first place. A guide that might be helpful in choosing the most suiting and best car Insurance for your vehicle, can be find here. However you make sure of the following you notice a brake in to car.

Take Photograph evidence and document it

If you are involved in an accident, take photos. This is especially important if you plan to file an insurance claim. Same goes for breaking in.

Take photos of any damage to the outside and inside. You should also pay attention to the surrounding area. Are there any items left behind by the perpetrator? Do you have security cameras? It’s important that you inform the police if there are security cameras nearby.

Most security camera owners will gladly provide surveillance footage to police when requested. It’s in their best interest to keep their neighborhood safe.

It is crucial to promptly file the police report. You have a lower chance of security footage being available if you wait too long. Most cameras will delete footage after the recording has ended. If you don’t wait long enough, your evidence could disappear.

To File a Claim with Your Insurer, or Not to File

To determine which coverage is available, check your policy. Your insurer will pay for actual car damage if you have comprehensive insurance. However, you won’t be reimbursed for any items inside your vehicle (such as purses or cell phones, laptops and iPods). If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurer company will pay for the actual damage to your vehicle. However, your insurance company will not compensate you for any items such as purses, cell phones, laptops, etc. If the total damages cause on the car exceed your agreed deductible, it is not worth the effort.

Even if your deductible is not met, you may want to consider paying for damages out of pocket . This is because filing a claim could result in high inured premiums.

Protect yourself against identity theft

If you suspect that the break-in may have resulted in identity theft (e.g., if any credit cards, debit or identification cards were stolen), be sure to contact your banks, credit card holders, lenders, and other agencies immediately. A temporary service that monitors and reports irregular activity on your credit score might be worth considering. You should immediately replace your driver’s licence, Social Security card, as well as any other documents that were stolen.

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