What to Consider when Purchasing a Heat Press Machine

You might require a press machine and don’t have the correct information on what you need to consider when buying one. This article will cover everything you want to know about the device so that you don’t buy a less durable one or one that does not fit your budget.

This machine may be used in industries such as glass manufacturing, home, and small businesses to transfer graphic designs and pictures onto glass materials to make them attractive and appealing. It may also be used to beautify t-shirts. Consider some of these factors discussed for the best choice of a machine.

Consistency of Temperature

The temperature distribution in the platen should remain consistent and not rise too high or drop lower than expected. When buying the machine, purchase one with a uniform temperature distribution.


Logically, you can only buy something reasonable for you to afford. Therefore, if you are planning to get this machine, go for the one that only suits or fits your financial ability. In other cases, you may buy an expensive one if you can afford it as they tend to have a higher warranty period and are more durable with the best features.


You need to consider your working space before even considering the heat press machine price in Kenya. If your space is big enough to fit a bigger machine, you won’t have to worry about how big a device you’ll get depending on your interest. On the contrary, get a machine that fits your space if your working space is too small to fit a bigger engine.

Ease of opening and closure

Test the machine you intend to buy for the ability to open and close so that you won’t have a hard time trying to open or close it during work.

Temperature accuracy

The very high temperature might damage the fabric on which the graphic or picture is being placed. On the other hand, a low temperature does not stick the graphic well, and the graphic may even come out once washed. Get a heat press with a good temperature regulator.

Time and temperature control panel

If you don’t do graphic design often, consider buying a cheap machine with a manual timer. If the work is done often, say every day, in the case of a business, you might need a more expensive press machine with digital timer settings that you can always use without requiring you to adjust now and then.


Always purchase a machine with a more extended warranty if it becomes defective within a short time than you expect. Also, you can be sure that a device will serve you longer if the warranty indicated is an extended period. It should be more durable than one with a short warranty.

Customer support

Whenever you purchase this item, go to social media and try to find links, emails, and phone numbers, as those with websites tend to be more legit and offer good services to their customers. You can also review their services online, and they improve their services depending on customers’ complaints through social media.


If you doubt a machine you are about to buy, consider the factors above so that you acquire a chance to purchase a heat press that will serve you for a long time.