What is Matter? eWeLink App V5.0 Supports Matter

The rapid growth of the smart home market has led to challenges stemming from conflicting standards and protocols. Matter aims to tackle these issues by developing a new smart home standard that allows for the unified control of smart home devices through a single app, enhances security, and establishes more reliable connections.

Exciting news has been unveiled by eWeLink. The upcoming release of eWeLink App V5.0 in September 2023 will bring support for Matter. You can easily obtain this smart home app for Android by downloading it from the Google Play Store. Moreover, eWeLink App V5.0 for iOS is expected to be accessible on the App Store by the end of September. Let’s delve into what Matter entails and examine how eWeLink‘s integration with Matter is poised to elevate the smart home experience.

What is Matter?

Matter is a fresh smart home device protocol engineered to expand the smart home landscape and streamline device interaction for consumers. Matter is poised to become an industry-wide standard, offering straightforward device integration through the utilization of an IP-based connection protocol compatible with Wi-Fi, ethernet, and Thread.

Notably, prominent smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, eWeLink, and Samsung SmartThings have embraced the Matter smart home standard. This integration negates the necessity for separate platform certifications for smart home products.

Is Matter Secure and Private?

Indeed, Matter is engineered to offer a secure and private smart home connectivity standard. Concerns about cyberattacks can understandably make consumers wary, potentially impeding adoption. However, Matter has been purposefully crafted with security and privacy as fundamental guiding principles, establishing a foundational framework for creating secure IoT devices.

Matter’s commitment to privacy is underscored by its privacy principles, which include data privacy safeguards such as constraining the volume of data shared in any Matter interaction and providing clear explanations of data-sharing purposes when requested.

How will Matter Impact the Development of Smart Homes?

Matter, as a fresh open-source standard, employs wireless technology based on Internet Protocol (IP), the same technology used by Wi-Fi routers to assign an IP address to each connected device. The improved interoperability of Matter will streamline the setup and expansion of smart home ecosystems.

Over the years, various smart home wireless technologies have caused fragmentation within the industry. Matter’s primary objective is to eliminate this fragmentation by providing a standardized, open-source protocol.

Matter is anticipated to have a positive influence on the evolution of smart homes by promoting greater interoperability, security, and privacy. It will reduce fragmentation and offer consumers a broader array of choices. As the adoption of Matter in smart homes continues to rise, it holds the potential to make smart home integrations more accessible, user-friendly, and robust, ultimately enhancing the overall smart home experience for consumers.

What’s Required to Use Matter Devices?

To make the most of Matter devices, you’ll need a few essential components and must meet specific requirements:

  • Matter Hub: A Matter Hub is required to connect, communicate with, and control all Matter-compatible smart home devices.
  • Matter-Compatible Devices: You need smart home devices that are compliant with the Matter protocol. Look for the Matter logo or certification on these devices, indicating their compatibility.
  • A Wi-Fi Network: Most Matter devices connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Ensure that you have a stable and secure Wi-Fi network with sufficient coverage throughout your home.
  • A Smartphone or Tablet: You’ll need a smartphone or tablet with a compatible smart home app to set up and control your Matter devices. The app may be provided by the smart home platform you’re using (e.g., Apple Home app, Amazon Alexa app, Google Home app, eWeLink app) or by the device manufacturer.

Which Famous Smart Home Platforms Support Matter?

Several well-established smart home platforms offer compatibility with Matter. These platforms include Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, eWeLink, and Samsung SmartThings. This means you can control your Matter devices using their respective smart home apps, smart speakers, hubs, or voice assistants.

  • Apple Home Matter

Apple has integrated support for Matter within its HomeKit framework. This means that Matter-compliant devices should seamlessly work with HomeKit, allowing users to control them through the Apple Home app on iOS devices and via Siri voice commands.

  • Amazon Alexa Matter

Matter enables smart home devices to connect to Alexa without the need for an additional hub or specific smart home skill. You can also use Matter to establish an additional connection to Alexa from your skill-enabled devices. Matter-enabled Amazon Echo devices come equipped with software that simplifies the connection and control of Matter smart home devices. After setting up an Echo device, users can connect their devices by simply saying, “Alexa, discover my devices,” or by adding the device through the Alexa app.

  • Google Nest and Google Home Matter

Google’s Nest smart speakers and displays can serve as controllers for Matter devices. Additionally, Android devices and the Google Home app are now Matter-compatible, allowing users to incorporate Matter devices into their Google Home smart homes.

  • eWeLink Matter Support

An exciting new feature in the eWeLink App V5.0 is its support for Matter. With a Matter-compatible platform like eWeLink, users can effortlessly add more devices to their smart home network without the need for multiple proprietary hubs or complex setup procedures.

  • Samsung SmartThings Matter

Samsung SmartThings has also embraced Matter support. This means that Matter-compatible devices should seamlessly integrate into the SmartThings ecosystem. The SmartThings apps for both iOS and Android now offer compatibility with Matter. As long as your iPhone and SmartThings app are up-to-date, you can enjoy Matter support with this popular smart home controller.

What is the Advantage of eWeLink Matter Support?

eWeLink has long been recognized for its user-friendly interface and extensive compatibility with important smart home devices. Here’s what eWeLink App V5.0’s support for Matter means for users:

  • Interoperability: Matter is intended to improve interoperability between smart home products from various manufacturers. eWeLink Matter support allows eWeLink customers to integrate and control a broader range of Matter-compliant devices, resulting in a more diverse and seamless eWeLink smart home service.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: With eWeLink Matter support, users can seamlessly integrate Matter-compliant devices into their existing eWeLink smart home ecosystems. This expands the range of compatible devices and promotes greater flexibility in device selection.
  • Simplified Setup: Matter’s IP-based communication simplifies device setup and configuration, ensuring that adding new devices to your eWeLink smart home is a breeze. Users can expect a more user-friendly experience. Matter devices can be added to the eWeLink App V5.0 by scanning the device Matter QR code or entering the numeric code. Before you start device pairing, read the user manual to set the Matter device into pairing mode and link the Matter hub for eWeLink ecosystem. You should maintain the hub linked to the Internet at all times. To complete the Matter device connection, you may follow the app’s step-by-step on-screen instructions.
  • Security and Privacy: eWeLink remains committed to user data security and privacy. Matter includes strong safety features to secure user data and improve device security. Matter’s security features, combined with eWeLink’s dedication to user protection, offer a robust safeguard against potential threats.
  • Future-Proofing: By embracing Matter, eWeLink ensures that its users can stay at the forefront of smart home technology. Matter’s open standard guarantees long-term compatibility and access to future innovations.

Which Matter Devices Does the eWeLink App Currently Support?

The eWeLink App V5.0 currently offers support for switches and plugs. As time goes on, the range of supported Matter devices is expected to broaden.

Is a Matter Hub Required?

Absolutely. It’s essential to ensure that your eWeLink account is equipped with at least one Matter hub. Before initiating the process of adding a Matter device, you must first integrate a Matter Hub, NSPanel Pro, into your eWeLink app. This hub must maintain a stable internet connection throughout its operation.


As smart homes continue to evolve, the adoption of the Matter protocol promises a more accessible, secure, and interconnected smart home service. With the support for Matter in the eWeLink app V5.0, users have more choice and convenience in building their ideal eWeLink smart home. Whether you’re a seasoned smart home enthusiast or just beginning your journey, smart home Matter and eWeLink are paving the way for a smarter, more connected future.