What is Jhandi Munda – rules and simple winning tips

Jihandi Munda is an extremely popular game with really simple rules and fun gameplay. This is one such game that can be played in real casinos or online. It’s also known as Langur Burja or Crown and is an anchor in other countries. But for sure here in India, the most demand is the traditional version even if there are so many new types of the Jihandi Munda available today. And as in all other games to become a successful player you will need to learn its features and find some really effective strategies. And if you really looking for that then you are in a right place because on this page below you will find some useful tips and important information about the Jihandi Munda. So read that before making the first bet in Jihandi Munda online. 

The Jhandi Munda main features – read this before to make the first bet

The most important thing to say is that the Jhandi Munda is a betting type game, so for the players, it’s important to find the best bet size for the gambling goals achievement. Also because of that, it’s necessary to know more about Jhandi Munda even before making the first bet because otherwise there is a huge risk to lose money. So here are some main facts about this game:

  1. The player will need to guess which sides of the dice will land face-up.
  2. During the game, you could not just watch the dealer shuffle the dice, but also try to identify the pattern of the last few falls. 
  3. The bet size will be chosen by you anytime.
  4. There are will be 6 dice with different symbols on each side (Spade, Diamond, Heart, Club, Face, and Flag).
  5. The winnings will be paid based on the dice face-up amount!

As you can see the gameplay is really simple so even a newbie will get how to make the first bet to get the winning. Take into account that each player here will need to try to guess the outcome of each roll of the dice. At the same time, all the bets will be made on a chosen symbol (which they think will land face-up).

How to Play Jhandi Munda Games and win – more tips for you

So how to play this game? At first, you will need to make a bet and choose the symbol which you think will land face-up. After that, the game will be started and you will get the winnings for all the symbols that do turn up. The amount of money that you will get depends on the dice which will face up and the max wager will be 6x the original wager. But if your choice will be wrong then the dealer gets the authority to cancel your wager. The player who correctly guesses the most symbols wins. If the symbol you bet on does not appear, the dealer could just cancel your wager. 

That’s the traditional Jihandi Munda rules, but in online casinos that is even easier. The player will place the bet and click on the chosen symbol and the bet size. After that, he will need to click on the Roll button to see the winning. But even with such simple rules, you can increase your chances for the big winning with the right strategy. So you really need to prepare well.