What is a dedicated server and why is it needed?

Dedicated servers is a private network dedicated to a certain person or organization only. It contains their personal data, storing all their files and work by all the parameters that person or company may require.

Dedicated servers are often being used to manage and command applications and various services, furthermore, users buying them for storing financial information and backup data.

Also dedicated servers never being shared with other users. Usually, they are fully paid. Dedicated servers are always deployed and hosted by a provider or a cloud hosting (Cloudflare, for example).

Who needs dedicated servers

Online store owners and private organizations are the main clients of dedicated servers. Anyone is able to buy it for their office, so the working process gets much easier. Large companies that have more than 500 employees must store large numbers of data and working material, so buying a dedicated server is recommended for them.

If you have a business that contains large supply or inventory chain infrastructure, or your site always transacting lots of financial deals you better think about a dedicated server.

One of the tricks that a dedicated server is supposed for is caching your site. It saves tons of copies, so your users (especially if you have a large audience) won’t experience any inconveniences nor will they ever be bothered with server errors.

Why dedicated servers is better than VPS

Virtual private server is a good choice for midsize companies with middle-ranged traffic on their site. But a dedicated server gives much more opportunities and lets you run your website freely.

Dedicated server offering better functionality than VPS. It provides full customization options in general, so the admin may configure his site due to his specific needs, including bandwidth options and SSD. Single-tenant servers are much more powerful, as they are never being loaded with another users’ activity.

How to choose dedicated server

While looking for a right dedicated server, you should pay attention to these aspects:

  • 100% SSD disk (important for data storage);
  • Data backup service must be included;
  • Infrastructure has latest Cloud Technologies updates;
  • Lots of reviews and expert opinion;
  • Redundant Data Center Infrastructure.

These things guarantee the quality of a dedicated server. Choose wisely and rely on your specific needs, your website audience and traffic limits you’ve been hitting lately, so that you pay for the right dedicated server.