What happened to Robinho?

The Brazilian national football team has been in a long World Cup title drought since winning their last cup in 2002. The https://www.1xbet.com/en/ website is the best betting platform to place wagers on the Brazilian squad.

Since that 2002 team, there have been many players that promised a lot, but ultimately failed to completely convince. Robinho was one of those cases. He played professionally between 2002 and 2020. Since breaking into professional football in Brazilian team Santos, it seemed that he would become some sort of new Ronaldinho. Unfortunately for him, things didn’t work as expected. The 1xBet website features lots of great wagering chances to bet on the best Brazilian players.

Failing to fulfill expectations

Robinho seemed unstoppable while playing at Santos. This meant that in 2005 he would make his jump into European football. However, rather than going to some second tier European squad, he would end up in no other place than Real Madrid. It is possible to try live betting from 1xBet bookmaker on all matches of the Spanish giants.

At Real Madrid the player showed some flashes of that incredible talent that delighted the world while playing at Santos. However, he was unable to completely replicate his spectacular form at Brazil. In 2008 he left Spain, and since then he played in teams like:

  • Manchester City;
  • AC Milan;
  • Guangzhou Evergrande;
  • and Sivasspor.

Robinho was unable to settle on any of those squads. In fact, he had two loan spells at Santos. However, his form was nowhere near as spectacular as his original one. Currently, from the 1xBet bookmaker it is possible to try live betting on all those teams where the Brazilian played at some moment.

A failed fourth spell at Santos

Robinho played for Turkish team İstanbul Başakşehir between 2019 and 2020. However, he wasn’t particularly relevant during that spell. In fact, he decided to return to Santos. This would be his fourth spell in the club where he started. Make sure to 1xBet update version 2022, as it includes lots of excellent features that can make betting on Santos an even better experience.

However, another story was developing which caused a great deal of controversy. It turned out that a woman claimed that the player had committed certain crimes while playing for AC Milan. For this reason, Santos came under heavy criticism when announcing the return of Robinho.

Eventually, the Court of Appeals of Milan and the Italian Supreme Court convicted the Brazilian. This meant, among other things, that his professional career came to an abrupt end. The 2022 version of the 1xBet application can be updated right now, and fans will be able to enjoy great betting chances on Brazilian football.