What five online games should not be picked in India

Today, the only two things that the gamer needs to have in order to access any online casino games are the device and the Internet connection. These two easily open any online casino doors and make it possible to enjoy the best casino machines, tables, and rooms simply sitting at the home in the comfort and relaxing atmosphere.

The nature of gambling dictates the rules of the casino world. Any gamer entering the casino website should be ready to lose a certain sum of money because it is usually unavoidable and not always can be covered with winnings. However, it is up to the gamer to lower the risk of losing and increase his chances of winning. In order to do that, he is advised not to start the game that has the worst odds on the website.

Odds of games are an incredibly relevant feature because it helps you to define what casino game can become more or less profitable. The core mission of all casino products is to generate profit for the operator. Some games are designed to do it more, some – less. That is why learning the odds of different games, it is easy to understand what options can be more favorable and therefore, should be chosen.

Games with worse odds will make you lose more frequently. This quality can be defined by the house edge (the mathematical advantage that the casino places against the gamer – the percentage that the casino always takes from placed bets. The higher house edge stays for worse gaming odds.

Any gamer follows completely the same desire as the casino does when he enters the online casino website. He wants to receive as much profit as he only can. With this mission on his mind, the gamer needs to open the section of games with good odds and avoid those that are not favorable for the gamer.

The games that are listed below belong to the category of incredibly exciting games because of their fascinating gameplay and features. So every gambler here decides for himself whether he find more excitement in the gameplay or in the winnings.

The list of the games with the worst odds includes slots, sic bo, roulette, keno, and poker.

Online slots are the inevitable part of absolutely any casino website. This type of casino entertainment is incredibly exciting and easy to understand and play. Their simplicity attracts thousands of gamers. An opportunity to win the hugest jackpot that can literally change your life is also super tempting. It is always a must-have stop in the casino for most gamblers. While online slots are incredible, fun, and beautiful games, they also give the gamer just a slight chance that was counted as nearly 1 in 49,836,032 to hit the best possible prize – the jackpot. Smaller sums that slots usually use to cajole gamers cannot even compare with the jackpot that all gamers really hope for.

The second game is Sic Bo which belongs to the category of dice games. The gamer shoots three dices and tries to guess the result on the upper sides. The result is totally random that complicates the decision-making. The variety of bets in this game is wide and some bets that offer 1 to 1 odds look pretty favorable and good. But if the gamer hopes to win a significant sum in this game, the odds worsen up to 1 to 180 which constitutes less than a half of 1 percent.

The third game in this list is roulette. The result of this game is also generated randomly and all gamers simply need to predict it. The gameplay consists of rolling a small ball on the wheel and predicting the characteristics of the place where it will eventually stop. It is amazing and fun but does not promise any good winnings, especially in the long perspective. Roulette has bets with incredibly pleasant odds of 1 to 1 but even their chances of being received go below 50% not to mention that wins from those bets are extremely small. The odds of 1 to 35 belong to more profitable and riskier bets which are only 2.60% of getting the winnings.

Keno should be considered the fourth option with the worst odds. It indeed should never be played if the gamer hopes for at least some good winnings. The game is totally simple and easy and this quality attracts a lot of gamers. The gameplay requires the gamer firstly to choose twenty numbers among eighty and then hope that the dealer will draw the same ones. The more matches the gamer will have with the dealer, the better winnings it will bring. And while ridiculous sums can be won with the 1 to 4 probability, the biggest sum is unreachably far with the probability of 1 to almost 9 million.

The fifth place is definitely taken by poker. Poker is a game of skill, knowledge, experience, and unshakable will. A lot of people decide to become professional poker players and earn their living in this profession. It takes a lot of time to master the skills to that level. Growing as a poker professional requires complete dedication of time and effort. And not all occasional gamblers are ready to dedicate themselves. So in poker, the competition is between players and not a gamer and a casino. A better player will always beat a worse one.