What Can You Do with TeraBox 1TB Free Cloud Storage?

People always ask, “I have installed TeraBox on my device, but I have no idea how to use it.” “Is this stored app really useful?” So today, I’ll show you what you can do with 1 TB of free TeraBox cloud storage.

TeraBox is a lot more than just your online cloud storage, and you can utilize 1TB of free cloud storage in so many different ways. Here are a few scenarios where you can take advantage of it.

File Backup and Recovery

Keep your important documents safe by creating an online backup, and recover them easily whenever needed. Here’s how you can do it quickly and easily with TeraBox.

  1. Log in to your TeraBox account
  2. Click the Upload button at the top left
  3. Click on Upload File
  4. Select the Files you want to upload
  5. Wait until the upload is finished

  1. Double-click the uploaded documents to view them online
  2. Click the Download button if you want to recover documents from the cloud

File Transfer

TeraBox can be a perfect tool for sharing files between devices and even with your friends and colleagues. You can create sharable links to files and share them as an anonymous link or through email. It’s also possible to set an expiration date and extraction code to ensure better security of important files and documents.

Here are the steps to follow for easy file transfer through TeraBox.

  1. Log in to your TeraBox account
  2. Click the Share button in the left bar
  3. Tap the + button and select the files/folders you want to share
  4. Select the ‘Anonymous Link’ or ‘Share via Email’ option
  5. Select the validity period to set an expiratory date for the link
  6. Set the Password on the link to work as an extraction code for the contents
  7. Click on Generate Link

Photo Management

TeraBox lets you better manage your photos and keep them all backed up in the cloud. You can upload photos and videos to your TeraBox account manually or enable automatic backup so that you don’t have to bother uploading pictures every time you capture some new shots. You can view all the uploaded photos in TeraBox anytime using its built-in photo/video viewer.

To upload photos and videos from your phone to TeraBox, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the TeraBox app on your smartphone
  2. Tap the + button at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Tap Photos/Videos
  4. Select photos/videos you want to upload
  5. Tap the upload button at the bottom of the screen

To view the uploaded images in TeraBox, browse to the desired folder and tap the image/video you want to view.

To enable Automatic Backup:

  1. Tap your profile picture at the top left of the screen
  2. Tap Automatic Backup
  3. Toggle on automatic backup for your desired file types

Online Video Download

The Remote Upload function in TeraBox allows you to download videos from any online source like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Launch the TeraBox app on your smartphone
  2. Tap the + button at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Tap Remote Upload
  4. Copy the link of the video you want to download and paste it into the resource text box
  5. Tap the Parse button
  6. On the video page, tap the ‘Save’ button, and the video will be uploaded to your specified folder in TeraBox
  7. Go to the location where you saved the video and download or play it from there

Space Management

TeraBox comes with a handy Space Analyzer feature that gives you insights into how much space is left on your phone. You can then choose to delete files backed up in TeraBox from your phone.

  1. Launch the TeraBox app on your mobile
  2. On the home screen, tap the Clean Now button
  3. Tap Clean on the Space Analyzer Screen
  4. Select duplicate photos/files
  5. Tap the delete button to remove duplicates and reclaim space


With TeraBox, you get 1TB free cloud storage accompanied by a range of amazing features like privacy safe, end-to-end encryption, remote upload, and easy file sharing. It’s certainly worth trying and will fulfill your cloud storage needs like none other. So, download TeraBox free now, and claim your 1TB free cloud storage!