What Are The Symptoms Of Chemical Exposure? 

The Environmental Protection Agency has publicly identified almost 800 hazardous substances related to negative health impacts. At the same time, the Natural Resources Defense Council says that over 80,000 chemicals are utilized in the United States. Most of these compounds have not been thoroughly evaluated for their impact on human health.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, chemical exposure causes 60,000 fatalities and 860,000 illnesses in the workplace each year. If you were injured due to being exposed to firefighter foam, you should consult an attorney immediately. 

Direct or indirect exposure is possible. Direct exposure happens when a person comes into contact with chemicals, such as when a chemical is spilled on their skin. Drinking polluted water or working in an environment where toxins are dispersed into the air are two examples of indirect exposure.

Risk of exposure 

Chemicals can enter your body by touching your skin or eyes, breathing in chemical fumes, or swallowing them. Once in your body, chemicals can travel quickly through your circulation to your interior organs.

Detecting chemicals can be difficult. While solids and liquids are identified, dust and mist can also contain chemicals. Fumes, vapors, and other gases can often be invisible. This increases the danger of exposure in situations where you have little control, such as the workplace.

Chemical exposure occurs in households and has an impact on health. However, most persons who suffer from toxic consequences from hazardous chemicals are exposed at work, particularly in places with inadequate ventilation.

While chemical exposure can affect everyone, some jobs are more likely to come into contact with harmful chemicals, such as those working in:

  • Factories
  • Construction 
  • Aerospace
  • Healthcare 
  • Foodservice
  • Farming and agriculture 
  • Mining 
  • Manufacturing
  • Labs
  • Welding 
  • Textiles
  • Railroad and transportation

For several causes, including lead poisoning, asbestos exposure, harmful pharmaceutical medications, and other product liability claims, toxic tort cases have been made against employers, manufacturers, and other entities. Some situations result in class action lawsuits for millions of dollars.

Signs of chemical exposure 

Chemical exposure can have major health consequences, generating acute (short-term) impacts that appear immediately after exposure to chemicals or chronic (long-term) harm. Symptoms of chemical exposure include:

  • Eye and skin irritation 

Chemical exposure frequently causes eye and skin discomfort. Symptoms include redness, swelling, and blistering, which can sometimes be unpleasant.

  • Blurred vision 

Blurred vision can be caused by even little chemical exposure. Chemical eye burns are among the more dangerous side effects. Along with impaired vision, headaches, and dizziness are common complaints.

You must consult an expert toxic tort lawyer to determine if you have a viable claim. You will need a lot of proof to back up your assertions. It is essential to seek the advice of an experienced attorney for assistance with your claim.