What Are The Best Countries To Retire?

Some people choose to move to another country for retirement. When they find the best country to retire in the world for themselves, they move there.

There are some common criteria that retirees look for. Some of these are quality of life, affordability, and hospitality. The US News & World Report’s survey ranks such countries according to these attributes. According to the 2022 survey, the top best countries to retire from are listed below.

Let’s find out the details of these countries one by one.

New Zealand

According to the survey, New Zealand is the top country to retire to. It’s known for its stunning beaches and nature as well as mountains. The island also provides a growing economy for its residents. Both private and public healthcare systems are available in the country.

You have two different visa types if you want to move to New Zealand as a retiree. One of them is the Temporary Retirement Category. Besides a few other requirements, it requires you to be at least 66 years of age. The other visa option is The Parent Category. It requires you to have a child who is a citizen or resident of New Zealand. Also, you need to make an investment of NZ$1 million.

Some of the best cities to retire to in New Zealand are Marlborough, Bay of Islands, and Central Otago.


Switzerland is regarded as one of the best countries for expats to retire. It’s also one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Residents of Switzerland enjoy economic stability, low corruption, and a great healthcare system. Benefitting from the healthcare system requires you to make monthly payments.

There’s a retirement visa that you can apply to in the country. The requirements of this visa vary depending on your status as a citizen. If you’re an EU citizen, you must prove that you have sufficient financial sources to maintain yourself. Also, you must have comprehensive insurance. If you’re a non-EU citizen, you:

  • Must be over the age of 55
  • Need to prove that you have sufficient financial sources to maintain yourself
  • Must live in Switzerland most of the year
  • Need to demonstrate proof of relevance to the country
  • Must indicate proof of health insurance.

Some of the best cities to retire in Switzerland are Zurich, Vaud, and Zug.


As one of the best countries to retire, Spain offers many advantages for potential retirees. It has favorable mild weather, a comfortable lifestyle, and great food and drinks. You can also benefit from public and private healthcare systems.

If you’re not an EU/EEA citizen, there are some documents you must submit to retire in Spain. These include proof of funds, health insurance, and a visa application form.

There’s also a Golden Visa Program offered for non-EU/EEA citizens. It allows you to become a resident after you invest in Spain. This can be an ideal option if you want to retire in Spain.

Spain has many beautiful cities to live in in your retirement years. Some of them are Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Granada.


Portugal is one of the best countries for American retirees, especially. Many Americans choose to relocate to this beautiful country thanks to what it offers. For example, Portugal offers an affordable lifestyle as a European country. Also, it has great beaches, a mild climate, and delicious cuisine. Not to mention the developed healthcare services. Being one of the top countries to retire, Portugal is a very safe country as well.

As a potential retiree in Portugal, you have two options: Golden Visa and D7 Visa. Like Spain, Portugal also offers a residence visa called Golden Visa for investors. It provides several investment options including real estate purchases. D7 Visa also provides you with a resident right in Portugal. However, it doesn’t require an investment. Rather, you need to show proof of a certain amount of passive income.

Some of the best cities to retire in Portugal are Lisbon, Porto, Cascais, and Estoril.


Australia ranks fifth in the survey of the best countries to retire. Like the other countries mentioned above, Australia also offers great healthcare facilities. In addition, safety and living standards are quite high.

For retirement, you have two visa options: Standard Retirement Visa, and Permanent Retirement Visa. Each has different requirements to fulfill.

The best places to retire in Australia include the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and Coolangatta in NSW.

So, the best countries to retire 2023 are waiting for you this year!