What are the benefits of a natural and healthy diet?

Nowadays, many people opt for a conscious and healthy diet that should be as natural as possible. The advantages are obvious: people who consume little or no artificial additives in their food lose weight more easily and live healthier. In the past, researchers have been able to prove in a study that a natural diet greatly reduces the risk of getting a civilization disease. In the USA, healthy eating has created a real hype. He calls himself “clean eating” and inspires millions of people there. But why is a healthy diet based on natural ingredients desirable and how can it be achieved?

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The decision to eat naturally and consciously begins as soon as you go shopping

A natural and conscious way of living and eating often starts in the supermarket. In most cases, people who shop think in advance about what dishes they are preparing and for what purpose they are using their food. If they are standing in front of a full shelf, they have to decide for or against certain foods – because what ends up in the shopping cart should be eaten sooner or later.

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In advance, it is important to consider which foods are absolutely needed and what supplies are available. This is an important factor, because the Swiss, for example, have problems with dividing food correctly and buying it for a specific purpose. As a result, around a third of all food never ends up on a plate, but instead in the garbage.

In order to do yourself and the environment a favor, it is worthwhile to take the classic shopping list with you and mentally create a menu for the next few days in advance. People who plan their shopping consume more consciously and ecologically. Many of them acquire unaltered and unaltered natural products or superfoods: true all-rounders that are beneficial for their own vitality and energy and strengthen their health in a natural way. There are numerous such popular superfoods that are versatile and provide a solid basis for a healthy, natural diet.

Which products are unchanged and natural?

The following applies to purchases: Not all foods – not even all organic products – that are cheap or appear in advertising are natural and healthy. Advertisers abuse the needs of customers by labeling products with buzzwords such as “cheap”, “low in calories”, “low in fat” or “high in fibre” – but many of these products are anything but natural. One feature in particular characterizes a natural product: it has a small, manageable number of ingredients. People who like natural products should take a close look at the list of ingredients.

The fewer ingredients on the list, the more natural the food. Alternatively, an appropriate guide can give an overview of which foods are healthy and ecological and which are not. It is worthwhile to pay attention to the corresponding label, because the performance of the labels sometimes differs considerably.

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A study proves: Natural nutrition can protect against lifestyle diseases

A natural diet not only strengthens one’s own well-being, it may also prevent diseases – this is the conclusion reached by Swedish researchers who demonstrated a connection between the way we eat and common diseases. According to the study, people who eat a balanced diet and eat foods rich in fiber and antioxidants are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases.

Many diseases of civilization, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, are caused by a poor diet that promotes chronic inflammation. It seems to be mainly the industrially produced foods that cause inflammation throughout the body. The body then releases chemical messengers, which in turn can lead to chronic diseases.

Scientists changed the diet of 40 subjects

In order to scientifically prove the new findings, the researchers changed the diet of the 40 subjects and observed their state of health over a period of four weeks. During the test period, the test subjects between the ages of 50 and 75 ate mainly products with many antioxidants such as almonds, oats, cinnamon, blueberries or fiber-rich bread. After 30 days, the researchers took blood from the participants and found surprising changes: all important blood values related to inflammatory processes improved.

A natural diet à la “clean eating” is already a trend

More and more stars and starlets from Hollywood are eating a natural diet – and thus launched a new trend, “clean eating”. This form of nutrition means avoiding artificial additives and sugar in food. Any industrially produced food is not allowed.

In contrast to conventional diets, this diet is harmless. It can be easily integrated into everyday life without making too many compromises. People do not count calories for this, nor do they skip a certain meal during the day. With simple rules, it is already possible to lose weight permanently and improve the quality of life in the long term.

Breakfast is allowed! Preferably half an hour before the actual working day begins.

  • Smaller meals are better than larger portions. Ideally, there should be five to six manageable portions that are distributed throughout the day – so the blood sugar remains constant.
  • A balanced diet should be a combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrates.
  • Industrially produced foods should be avoided, as well as white flour products, which include, for example, some types of cake and bread. It’s worth eating more whole grains instead, such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta.
  • It is better to use salt and sugar sparingly. Not only sweets contain huge amounts of sugar, other foods also contain “hidden sugar”. This is often found in drinks or yoghurts.
  • Fruit is the better sweet and vegetables can be eaten every day with a clear conscience.
  • Instead of saturated fat, it is better to eat unsaturated fat, which is found, for example, in nuts, fatty fish or olive oil.
  • Meat is allowed, but should be eaten wisely and in moderation.