What are some well-paying popular careers in Web3?

The stupendous growth in technology in recent years can be considered a leap toward the future, particularly for web3. What is web3? The third generation of the internet redefines user experiences and puts control in the hands of users rather than big corporations. Many tech professionals and graduates want to capitalize on careers in web3 and secure their position for the future.

The appeal of web3 as a promising area for building your career reflects on different subdomains in web3, including NFTs, metaverse, dApps and smart contracts. However, web3 is still new, and young aspirants have many doubts about pursuing their career in web3. The following post serves as a guide for newcomers seeking web3 careers.

Job Opportunities in Web3

The first thing on your mind before choosing a web3 certification would point the availability of job opportunities. Will you find jobs in web3 after completing your training and certification? The outline of popular career options available in the domain of web3 could offer a credible answer.

  • Blockchain Infrastructure Developer or Core Developer

Blockchain infrastructure developers or core developers are an integral part of the web3 job market. A certified web3 expert can take on the role of blockchain infrastructure developer for designing the actual blockchain protocols. Blockchain infrastructure developers could have to write code in different languages, including Solidity, Go and C++. In addition, blockchain infrastructure developers have to work on designing the consensus mechanism of blockchain protocols.

  • Web3 Developer

While infrastructure developers serve as the backbone of web3 landscape, the web3 developer creates applications that make web3 useful. You can learn web3 development for creating applications based on different blockchain networks according to distinct use cases. Web3 developers need fluency in web development technologies as well as smart contract programming.

  • Smart Contract Developer

Speaking of smart contracts, the smart contract developer role is another popular career option in web3. You can use web3 training courses to learn about smart contract development, which practically focuses on writing code for smart contracts. Smart contract developers play a vital role in the web3 landscape by creating smart contracts for distinct use cases depending on underlying blockchain networks.

  • Front-end Developer

The doubts regarding “What should I study for web3?” would also assume a prominent stance in defining the skills required for front-end developers in web3. Interestingly, your web2 skills can help in supporting your responsibilities as a web3 front-end developer. The front-end developer works on developing visually appealing user interfaces with desired functionalities to ensure a better user experience.

Some of the other career options in web3 include NFT developer, product manager, community or ecosystem manager and legal consultant. You can also explore many other non-technical careers in web3, such as web3 marketing expert or content creator. How can you ensure that you are ready for your preferred job role in web3?

Best Resource for Landing up with Desired Web3 Jobs

The variety of job roles available in web3 showcases the necessity of learning a broad range of skills. You can find a trusted solution to such problems with the Certified Web3 Professional certification on 101 Blockchains. The CW3P certification helps you strengthen your command over essential web3 concepts and terms. The web3 and blockchain training course offers comprehensive insights into evolution of the internet alongside web3 and blockchain basics.

On top of it, the emphasis on fundamentals of Ethereum, NFTs and metaverse helps in understanding how they fit in the web3 landscape. You can use the CW3P certification training course to become a certified web3 expert and navigate critical topics to enhance your fluency. Most important of all, the tangible proof of your skills with the final certification exam serves as a valuable asset for your web3 career development objectives.

Final Words

The radical pace of progress in blockchain and web3 technologies has spurred new possibilities for pursuing a career in web3. However, the journey of developing your career in web3 would require a lot more than just one certification. You can rely on CW3P web3 certification to earn fluency in web3 basics. On the other hand, you need to choose a specific web3 career path and build the necessary skills for the job. Find more details about the CW3P certification on 101 Blockchains and identify the best route for building your identity as a web3 professional now.