What animals are profitable to breed for business

Homemade products will always have an advantage over factory farmed ones. This is why for people who live in villages or have their own plot of land, raising animals for sale is a great way to make money. However, to begin with, it is necessary to understand which animals are profitable to breed for business.

Rabbit breeding

Rabbit meat is a dietary product that is especially appreciated in the diet of children and those who suffer from food allergies. In addition, it is very well digested and quite tasty. With the breeding of rabbits income can also be obtained through the sale of their pelts.

To open a business will need a small initial investment. To open a farm for a thousand rabbits you will need a plot of land of less than six acres. You can also save money by making drinkers, cages and feeders for the animals yourself.

Before opening a farm, you need to choose the form of registration of your farm, usually it is either the status of the individual entrepreneur, or keeping private subsidiary farms. If there is a prospect of selling meat and skins to acquaintances or at agricultural fairs, it is better to choose the latter option, as then you can not pay taxes. However, in order to maximize profits by increasing the options for selling products, the first option is more profitable.

The best system of keeping rabbits is the shed, which automates almost the entire process. It consists of two rows of cages under one roof. The passage between the cages is poured with concrete, and if they are placed in several tiers, you can save space.

Important points:

  1. Before building a rabbit farm, it is necessary to ask the local authorities about the requirements, such as how far away from the village it must be, otherwise you will have to pay a fine.
  2. The breeding male and the mother rabbits must have separate cages, while the rest may house the young, but no more than eight animals together.
  3. Mating takes place every three months with at least two nursing rabbits. Thus, if there are 14 females, it is possible to get about 300 new individuals in a year. For one thousand, accordingly, three sheds will be needed.
  4. For feeding, it is optimal to choose mixed fodder, all components of which are selected by experts on the basis of maximum nutritional value. Fresh grass from pastures can be fed additionally in summer and hay in winter. Pregnant rabbits should preferably be fed with vitamin and mineral supplements.

To summarize, to start a rabbit breeding business, you will need:

  • A plot of land (leased or owned)
  • Documentation for the farm
  • Construction of a shelter, cages and a system of storm drains
  • Various equipment: watering troughs, feeding troughs, machinery for fodder preparation
  • Rabbits for breeding (40-45 heads)
  • Salaries of workers for construction of the farm

The list of fixed costs of maintaining the farm includes fodder and service by a veterinarian. Thus, consider the costs and income from the sale of meat per year. More information on the website of farmer Kirill Yurovsky.

Cattle breeding

To start a business for breeding medium and cattle feed you can get a loan from the Ministry of Agriculture as part of the support of beginning farmers, but even in this case will require the investment of personal funds. The main focus will be the sale of meat as wholesale organizations, and at agricultural fairs.

The first stages will be the search for land and the reconstruction or construction of the premises, the creation of a stock of feed, the purchase of young animals and the selection of staff. It is also necessary to register as a peasant farm.

The technology involves the breeding of six-month-old calves up to the age of 1.5 years. Usually by this time they weigh about a thousand kilograms. This will require a pen (calves spend most of their time outdoors) and food: silage, root vegetables, haylage, mixed fodder and green fodder.

It should be borne in mind that the main competitors will be larger complexes of agricultural products. Although today there is a very high demand for quality meat of cattle, so there will be no problem with sales.

The main recommendations for farming:

  • Ensuring that animals have constant access to clean water
  • Well-equipped rooms without draughts
  • Good hygiene
  • Vaccination against diseases
  • Dry and clean floors

A medium-sized farm usually requires 4-5 employees, whose responsibilities include: slaughtering livestock, purchasing feed and bookkeeping.

Poultry breeding

One of the most profitable areas is the breeding of chickens. They grow quickly and start laying eggs at five months of age. Some breeds can do this all year round if the temperature and lighting in the poultry house is maintained.

Before you start, you need to calculate all the costs and your own capabilities. Building a poultry house does not require much space, so chickens are raised even in cities. If there are plans to expand the farm, it is better to register as an individual entrepreneur, this will greatly facilitate obtaining various permits and certificates, but will have to pay taxes on profits.

There are two types of chicken keeping: in cages and floor, but the first is rarely used to raise laying hens. The quality of eggs is affected by how active the birds are and how often they are outdoors. In addition, the cages will have to be bought and cleaned.

You can build a chicken house yourself or buy a ready-made one. The first option, of course, is more economical. You can build it from slate, boards or gas silicate blocks. The latter material is more expensive than others, but will last longer. The temperature in the poultry house should not be lower than 2 degrees and not higher than 27.

For every 10 meters you can buy 20 chickens, it is more profitable to buy two-week-old chickens. It is necessary not to forget about roosters, you need at least one per dozen chickens. The birds are able to clean themselves from parasites, but for this purpose it is necessary to put a box in which to mix ash and sand in the poultry house.

Among the costs, of course, it is necessary to take into account the purchase of feed. Chickens need compound feed, and adult birds need grass, potatoes, and food scraps. It is useful to include vitamins, chalk and eggshells in the diet.

When calculating income and expenses, you should consider:

  • The cost of building chicken coops
  • Chicken cost
  • Feed consumption (1 chicken eats 35 kilos of feed a year)
  • Cost of eggs for sale

And thus calculate how much, for example, will it take to keep 40 hens and how much in the end you can get profit from the sale of eggs. From 40 hens you can get 1200 dozens of eggs a year.

Animal breeding is not exactly an ordinary business, but it is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. About all the features and pitfalls of breeding rabbits, cattle and birds, we told you in this article.