Vn88 Rezence Wonders What Ten Hag Has Done in 10 Months of Taking Over Mu?

Once the laughing reporters upfront let the Dutchman know, he shrugged his shoulders and flashed a sly grin.

He remarked on, “I can leave it because we go for the next cup,” following the club’s 2-0 victory over Newcastle, which broke a six-year trophy drought. As the crowd erupted in laughter, he declared, “This one is in.”

To a certain extent, Ten Hag was joking. He wouldn’t come out and say it, but he sensed something extraordinary was happening at United. The guy who’d been labeled by Vn88 “Erik Ten Months” was disproving his detractors.

New beginnings, however, had been seen to be false ones by previous managers in Ten Hag’s position.

Van Gaal was fired later that day while sitting in the same chair he had been in since before he won the FA Cup. If Mourinho won the League Cup, he would only advance to the Europa League. Solskjaer was unable to score the winning goal. Moyes had no shot at success.

Compared to Ten Hag, “the others are apples and pears,” Jackson explains with Rezence. They may have stumbled onto the correct man after 10 long years.

The Ralf Rangnick experiment had dramatically backfired in the faces of the club’s leadership, and Ten Hag had inherited a team that had just achieved United’s worst season in the Premier League era. After a catastrophic six-month stint as interim, Rangnick was let go before he could assume a planned advisory role.

However, Rangnick was not completely useless. In contrast to Solskjaer’s insistence on handling everything internally, his frank assessment of the magnitude of Ten Hag’s assignment exposed the weaknesses in United’s organizational system.

Sharing with W88 Rezene, Jackson speculates that Rangnick may have been forthright since it was likely he would never be offered the position permanently. He did all he could, realized it wasn’t working, and possibly fixed it for the next boss.

Ten Hag’s presidency has been beset with difficulties, just as Rangnick anticipated it would be. But the Dutchman has risen to the challenge by quickly disposing of Cristiano Ronaldo following his explosive chat with Piers Morgan, making the proper signings, and revitalizing underwhelming stars like Rashford.

After a crushing 4-0 loss at Brentford, the decision to jog eight miles with the team marked a turning point. And despite many defeats since then, none more devastating than the 7-0 loss at Anfield, there has always been a response.

Meulensteen claims that the team has been declining ever since Sir Alex left, with just little improvements in recent times. The plateauing is clear with Ten Hag now. Everyone at Man Utd probably feels like things could use some stability right about now. Vn88 thinks that a lack of trophy wins will always breed doubt.

United are on track to qualify for the Champions League and have a chance to win two more titles this season. The improvement under Ten Hag is evidenced by recent victories over challenging managers like Mikel Arteta, Jurgen Klopp, Antonio Conte, and Pep Guardiola.

Still, the manager can do nothing to dispel the lingering doubts at Old Trafford.

The necessity for new ownership at the club is “absolutely unanimous now,” adds Neville. The owners have doubled the debt and there is no money for a new stadium or training facility, so it’s time to start a new chapter.

The Glazers have said with W88 Rezence that they will consider offers, but they are taking their time while they search for a buyer willing to pay up to £6 billion. Despite the widespread support for a buyout from fans, it is still possible that United will remain in American hands thanks to investment from abroad.

Neville claims that the club is now nearly £1 billion in debt because the Glazers have “continued to plough money into the squad” without using their own money.

It’s been a very trying time. There’s new ownership, and the manager seems to have the itch to win, so hopefully things will turn around for the team.

W88’s generally agreed that Man Utd have found the correct manager in Ten Hag. But the fate of the club’s ownership is likely to play a major role in his efforts to return Man Utd to its previous glory.

Even the Carabao Cup isn’t enough, as Ten Hag well knows. If that’s all he achieves, he’ll go the way of the trophy: out of date.