Vize Counselor International Law Firm in Thailand Celebrates Growth

Vize Counselor Law Firm Thailand Celebrates double-digit growth in 2022! To celebrate the success of this international Thai law firm, its management is delighted to share the good news that it has grown from eight to over twenty multilingual lawyers. As a leading English speaking lawyer in Bangkok, our Thai law firm, offers comprehensive legal services in a range of business sectors. The firm’s extensive range of practice areas includes corporate M&A, litigation, arbitration, corporate incorporation and management for foreign entities, and more.

Vize International Thailand Law Firm’s 3 Offices

The Thai lawyers of Vize International Thailand Law Firm have experience in a variety of fields. Their services are diverse, ranging from corporate establishment to license applications to contract negotiations and commercial litigation. With over 1,000 clients in Thailand, they have a proven track record of success.

With three offices and a global presence, Vize Counselor International Law Firm has been growing in its services and has now established itself as the go-to international law firm in Thailand for foreign entities looking to invest in Thailand. Their team of lawyers comes from top universities and is experienced in advising clients worldwide. As a result, Vize Counselor Thailand is ready to assist clients worldwide. If you’re in need of legal assistance, Vize International Thailand Law Firm is the firm to turn to for effective legal services.

Corporate Expertise from English Speaking Lawyers

An English-speaking law firm in Thailand can provide clients with corporate expertise, in a wide range of fields. While there are numerous law firms operating in Thailand, it is important to choose a law firm with a proven track record of client satisfaction. You can determine the level of quality by reading client testimonials and contacting former clients. Vize Counselor is a full-service law firm with lawyers specializing in commercial and corporate law. Its lawyers are highly experienced and have a wealth of technical expertise. Moreover, it is registered as a Thai consultant and has lawyers who are proficient in the Thai language.

An English-speaking law firm can provide legal advice to foreign clients. A Thai law firm with an English-speaking partner can help foreign clients in Thailand with their legal needs. The foreign partner’s expertise in the area of law applicable to foreigners may be particularly helpful to foreign clients. The foreign partner may be a lawyer in his or her home jurisdiction and supervise your case, or he or she may simply serve as a liaison between you and your attorney.

Specialising in BOI Thailand Company Set Up

A specialist in BOI Thailand Company Set Up can help you set up a new business and enjoy all the benefits of being a BOI-certified company. Thailand’s government has created an agency called the Thailand Board of Investment, which aims to promote foreign investment by providing information on the legal procedures and incentives for a smooth investment process. The Board of Investment provides a wide range of tax incentives for new companies, including several exemptions from taxes and reductions in taxes. Tax incentives vary according to the business activities of the prospective applicant.

To be granted BOI privilege, you must first verify that your business is eligible. There are two types of applications: BOI application and BOI company limited. Once your business meets the eligibility requirements, you can apply for a BOI privilege under your own company name. The first step in the process is filling out the online application. The second step is to submit the application to BOI authorities. The application must be submitted within ten working days. If it is approved, you will be notified to start a business under BOI. If you are rejected, you will have to make substantial amendments to your business plan.

Best English Speaking Lawyers in Thailand

Finding the Best English Speaking Lawyers in Thailand isn’t hard, as long as you know where to look. Many major law firms in the country have English speaking lawyers who specialize in different areas of law, such as real estate, patents, fda business licensing, work permits, and divorce. Then, you can choose an attorney who speaks your language and understands the legal jargon. And if you’re unsure of the process or don’t speak Thai at all, try searching online. You’ll find that most major law firms offer standard document sets for fixed prices and you can also purchase them online.

If you’re a foreigner, it’s important to find an English speaking lawyer, even if it’s just for consultation purposes. A law firm’s English-speaking lawyers can speak to you and give you immediate feedback, which is especially useful when you don’t speak Thai. Without this, you might find yourself in a situation where you need legal assistance. If you don’t speak Thai, you’ll have a difficult time figuring out what to do next. If you’re unsure, check Vize Counselor’s website for details on lawyers.