Vidmate App: Features, Where to Download

There is one video download application that is very well known and is still being sought today. the app is the old and latest Vidmate APK which many people like. Because this application is claimed to have a lot of features that make the download process easier.

More About Vidmate App

Indeed, currently on the internet, there are many providers of online video downloads, fast and easy. But even so, the lovers of the Vidmate app are still very difficult to turn away and maybe you are one of them.

Of course, there are reasons why users don’t want to switch to other online video download providers. so that sometimes there are people who deliberately look for the old version of Vidmate even though there is currently a newer version.

Vidmate is a mobile application that has the function to download and store various digital content. The Vidmate application is generally known to have a very simple display style and is easy to operate by anyone even new users.

You can even save content in various types such as videos, images, music or MP3s and others just with this application. No wonder so many smartphone users are always looking for and downloading this application.

Its features in it greatly simplify the process of downloading content on the internet. You can save videos from YouTube and other social media easily and quickly to your device using this application.

Saving videos to your own device has several reasons, such as to be able to view it anytime without internet or want to make it a collection. So that the download process can be done easily, you can use an application like this Vidmate.

Vidmate is an application developed by UCWeb which is a subsidiary of the Alibaba group of companies. As you already know, Alibaba is an online service provider that is very well known in the world and there is no need to doubt the quality.

The popularity of the parent company has helped Vidmate to become the most favorite content download application. The number of people who use this application is claimed to reach 600 million people spread to up to 100 countries around the world.

Additional Notes

Now, there is a lot of discussion about the old and latest Vidmate APK. Because many users complain about an uncomfortable user experience in the latest version. So many prefer to look for the old version.

Although the search process is also not easy. Because you have to dive into various sites in order to find the download link. Of course, there are many reasons why people prefer to use the old version and many also use the latest version.

As a digital application, of course, the developer will continue to develop and improve various parts of an application. Though perhaps the development might end up provoking some dislike for the old users.

However, this development must continue to be carried out in order to improve services and adapt to the times. There are several reasons why there are two camps, namely people who like the old Vidmate and those who like the latest version.

The popularity of the old and latest Vidmate APK applications does not need to be doubted. There are many parts of the application that people like. So even though there are many similar applications, Vidmate will still be the most sought after.

Moreover, in the latest version of the Vidmate application, you can find many additional features that will not exist in the old version of the application. But even so, the old version also has many advantages as previously explained regarding the differences between the old and new versions.