Uniqueness of a Solar Water Heater

A solar heater is a device that converts light energy to electrical energy. The electrical energy is converted further to heat energy. This heat energy is used to heat water for use. It is placed outside to get exposed to sunlight for its efficiency.

The solar heater uses sun rays to convert light energy to heat energy. The converted energy is used to heat circulating water in pipes to become warm or hot based on desire. The heated water is then ready for use or later use. This makes it good for homes and even institutions. Below are some benefits of heaters.

Minimal pollution

Unlike the carbon energy source, solar heaters use sun energy converted to heat energy. The heat energy is used to heat water. There is no pollution caused, unlike the traditional modes of heating. The sunlight, in addition, is natural and does not affect the owner since no smoke is emitted, unlike firewood energy.

Minimal cost/ Cost-effective

The solar heater comes at a low installment cost. The maintenance cost, in addition, is minimal hence low cost in general. Once mounted properly, the user can calm for the water to get heated and can use it freely at one’s own time. Though it depends on the weather, most tropics are sunny throughout hence suitable for use.

The solar water heater does not need electricity or any other type of fuel to function. As a result, it is a less expensive method of heating water for multiple purposes around the house. As you cook, the hot water helps you save fuel and gas.

Long durability

The solar heater serves a long time since no frequent contact or repair is needed, unlike machines. This gives it a long life and does not easily depreciate with time. Since mounting is once done, less attention is required except for some small challenges, such as circulation blockage of water in tubes. In case of trouble, it is easily rectified also.


The solar water heater in Kenya is easily obtained. The Kenyan-wide market offers many goods and services concerning solar heaters. Some companies supply and install by themselves to clients.

Moreover, this gives it more advantages and services in case of a technical problem. The order at any time depends on the clients.


Under favorable weather conditions of proper temperature, the heater can be effective in even boiling water. The boiled water, in addition, can be stored and takes a long time to cool. With less sunlight, warming can still happen, and water is equally safe for use. It takes a relatively short duration to warm water using the solar heater.


In a nutshell, a solar water heater takes more advantages than other heating practices and machines. It is naturally and environmentally friendly and, in addition, cost-friendly. This gives it more market hence it is ideal for homes and institutions.

Source: https://www.solarwaterheaterkenya.com