Understand How to Play Blackjack, Reach 21 Easily

Want to know how to play blackjack? All right, here we will discuss more deeply about this IDNPoker game, as well as provide tips and tricks on how the best way is to be successful in this game. This bet is part of the online casino and is the choice of many players.

Of the many choices of online casino betting games, many have fallen in love with blackjack. Not just because of the big profits, but the game method and also the way to win the bet. Lots of factors affect the progress of the match until it becomes a victory for you.

Then you will get various kinds of interesting things when you play blackjack, so you know how to play blackjack. So that you don’t hesitate to put your capital in this online casino bet, let’s learn more about this bet right now.

Blackjack basic rules

If you look at the rules that apply to this game of blackjack, it is very simple. That is, you have to be able to beat the dealer or dealer at the betting table. In this bet you face the dealer directly and the end goal is the highest card with a limit of 21.

At the beginning of the game each dealer and player will only get 2 pairs of cards. Where the dealer shows one card open and one card closed. From there players can determine hits or stands, if needed they can also choose splits.

The scheme of victory and defeat is like this:

  • You get 21 and the dealer under that player automatically wins.
  • Bandar 21 the game is automatically won by the dealer. Even though the player has a card value of 21 too.
  • You get a card value above the dealer, then you win.
  • Players get a card nominal above 21, then they will automatically lose or get busted.
  • The dealer accepts a card nominal above 21. The dealer bustes the same result.
  • Push when the player and dealer cards have the same total number. This push also means a draw and your bet returns to balance.

So the bottom line is bigger than the dealer, get a blakcjack or 21 and avoid getting busted. There are several choices of steps in this blackjack game, namely hit, stand and also split. Self hits are asking for additional cards to be added to your set.

Another option is double, this option will double your bet at the same time. And the dealer will automatically give an additional card. If you win from the total set of cards you can get twice the profit.

As for the stand, it is the final choice for your step. And shows the decision of the dealer with the card he has. Usually if the total dealer card is below 18, then 1 to 2 cards will be drawn. Like a player who will choose a hit when he has a card under 21.

Finally, there is the split option, this option will only be available when you initially have the same two cards. For example dual ace, dual 8 and so on, this split option is to divide your cards into two bets. With a split you can win two bets at once or one of them.

Card value in blackjack itself is like this:

  1. AS is the highest card that can be interpreted as 11 or 1 depending on the set of cards you have.
  2. Face cards such as Queen, King, Jack have a face value of 10
  3. The rest of the number cards have a nominal value as stated.

You can adjust what steps are best. When looking at the initial set of cards, in order to avoid defeat or busted by the dealer.

Game Progress

The uniqueness of blackjack is very visible from the rules that apply in this game. Because you don’t have any other opponents when you play this bet. But you are directly dealing with dealers or dealers. Progress or the course of the game is like this:

  • The first phase is for you to place the bet amount as you wish.
  • Then the distribution of your cards and the dealer.
  • One dealer card will be shown, this can be your consideration for the next step.
  • If your card is still very small, you can choose to hit until it reaches the desired nominal.
  • Then stand to end all of your move options in the match.
  • Lastly is the showdown or closing where you will find out the total dealer card. Here will be determined who wins and loses.

In terms of progress, it is almost the same as ceme, where there are not many phases when compared to idnpoker. You also don’t need to bother thinking about the bet to place, because every time this betting game starts, it will always be updated according to your needs.

It means that the reason why many choose this type of blackjack bet is because of the possibility to make profits faster. Judging from the difficulty, blackjack is very easy for many people to understand, and there are not many sets of cards that need to be memorized.

Strategy How to Play Blackjack

You already know the basic rules and also every step. Now it’s just a matter of how to play blackjack along with strategies to be more successful in gaining profits in this bet. The basic strategy for being able to win from the dealer in the game of blackjack is relatively easy.

First, try not to be too eager to get blackjack, aka 21. Pay attention to the total cards you have, if the value starts from 11 and below, you can immediately hit automatically. This is because your chances of ending up busted are very low.

Cards with a nominal value of 11 are usually ideal for getting blackjack. Especially when coupled with axles, it can be a perfect combination. Then if you get a total number above 11, you can still stay strong to hit.

Some of the total numbers that are dangerous when hitting include 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. These five total numbers can indeed bring victory, if played slowly. In contrast, the total number will result in defeat if you are too eager to win.

The reason is that some of these numbers are very vulnerable to getting busted, from 14 if you then get an 8 card you will definitely be busted immediately. Or a hit then a queen, king or jack face card comes out. But still if it’s still under 17, 18, 19 it’s still legal to hit.

The sets that are most prone to losing when hit are 17, 18 and 19. If lucky maybe you can get a blackjack, but 60% of players who hit on this hand total. More often to get busted and lose.

The safest total number is 20, the possibility of winning from this number card set is very large. And it’s ridiculous if you hit this card total.

When to Double and Split

Options that sometimes confuse some blackjack players are split and double. Actually, each of these options can be a way to gain more profit. First is double, this option will appear when you have enough balance to bet twice the initial value.

With this option, the dealer will give an additional card and you will immediately do a showdown. This option is indeed very tempting, because it can quickly increase the value of the profit you can get.

Double can be done when your card value is at 11-13. Ideally when you have a small number like 8 or 9. because the possibility of appearing a card worth 10 is very large. So as soon as your number is 9 or 11. Automatically you have a big chance of winning, and of course you will be very happy with the value of the bet that has multiplied now.

Split is also an option, the decision is still yours. Whether you want to split and increase the bet or not. The point of this split option is to share the same cards that you have in order to create a bigger chance of winning.

Choosing a split might be done continuously. As long as you have a double card, some professional players even strongly recommend it to increase the chances of winning that you get when playing blackjack.

How to Bet Blackjack

Even though the rules and overall strategy in this game are quite simple. Of course there will always be a dilemma choice when you live a blackjack bet. Then you need to consider some of these options before further betting in blackjack.

Betting a minimum when you first enter the betting table will be the right choice. The term might be a warm-up, so that your mentality is not disturbed during the game in the future.

After a while then enter the medium or medium bet. This strategy is angler for greater profit value. If you feel that you have received additional capital from a win, or you are more prepared to bet with a larger value.

Immediately make a bigger bet value. In essence, blackjack is a rational calculation to beat the dealer, so don’t get caught up in the dealer’s game.

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