Types of Online Gaming: From Traditional to Unique Variants

Online roulette is a favoured form of gambling. While the choices were limited in the past, the landscape has significantly expanded as more developers have turned their attention to this game. Consequently, roulette aficionados will discover a range of exciting options, spanning from classic to more unconventional variants.

Common Types of Roulette in Online Casinos

Most platforms prioritise slot machines, followed by other types of games. The m88 betting company also accentuates slot machines. Therefore, even though roulette is often available, the options are typically basic. These include standard versions: American and European. The American version has two zeros, resulting in lower profits, whereas the European variant has a single zero. The French version is less prevalent because it offers higher profits to players.

It’s plausible that a gambling site will provide several versions of the aforementioned variants. These could be virtually identical types of roulette, simply from different developers. Alternatively, they could be distinct versions, such as low-limit tables or the occasional VIP tables.

Versions such as multi-wheel roulette and double-ball roulette are less common. The former allows more than one wheel at a time, enabling you to bet on multiple spins simultaneously. Here, standard bets and payouts are usually employed. The latter utilises two balls instead of one, thus differing in the betting system as some bets necessitate both balls to fall within the same range.

These non-standard versions lack specific rules, and therefore, the conditions might differ amongst various developers. For instance, the double-ball version from Leander Games offers a jackpot of 1200 to 1 if both balls land in the same pocket, and it corresponds with your bet.

In some online casinos, you’ll come across more novel roulette variants. For example, m88 roulette uses not the standard digits but the twelve zodiac signs from the Chinese calendar.

Contemporary Features

The evolution of online roulette hasn’t undergone drastic alterations. Competition in this sphere isn’t as fierce as with slot machines. Nonetheless, providers persist in introducing novel roulette types or enhancing their features. For instance, Golden Chip Roulette employs a unique approach and is available in casinos using Yggdrasil Gaming software.

A notable aspect of Golden Chip Roulette is its enormous potential – accurate number bets can reach up to 500 times. Betting on a single number doesn’t yield a fixed gain of 35 to 1 but an uncertain outcome, fluctuating from 10 times to 500 times, determined randomly. Naturally, in most scenarios, a smaller multiple emerges, but the chance to hit the maximum is always present.

The standard features of online roulette, irrespective of its type, encompass betting and spinning. A free trial mode exists, and some versions present the last round’s statistics and so-called ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers, which hold no bearing on subsequent results. However, some roulette types offer additional practical features.

For instance, m88 Gaming enables you to save your betting patterns, which can also operate in an automatic mode. You can specify the number of automatic spins, and establish limits for losses and wins.

Live Casinos

A distinct category of online roulette comprises live games, i.e., games with actual dealers. This field is currently experiencing robust development, offering more chances to witness innovative and unconventional roulette types. m88 is a trailblazer in live casino games, leading the charge in innovation.

At m88 Casino, you can find a solid selection of roulette types, some of which are unique variants. One of the most popular is Lightning Roulette, which offers odds far beyond the standard upper limit of 35 to 1.

Through the Lucky Number feature, several numbers are randomly selected and assigned multipliers ranging from x50 to x500. If a player places a bet on the lucky number, they will receive the corresponding multiplier on their bet. This is the most intriguing type of online roulette among all types. It doesn’t follow the usual format but appears in a captivating performance.

Speed Roulette is a fast-paced roulette game where each round takes 25 seconds, according to the developers, making it the fastest form of roulette – twice as fast as regular games. With bets placed while the wheel is spinning, the speed is increased. As a result, players have no pause time when placing their bets.

Another interesting innovation from m88 Gaming is Instant Roulette. This is another option that reduces downtime at the roulette table. The game uses 12 wheels instead of a single wheel, with one wheel starting a new round at any time. If you press the Rebet button, you can almost instantly be included in the next draw.