TU Experts Have Examined If eToro Binary Options Are Available In 2023

In this overview, Traders Union experts delve into eToro, a globally recognized trading platform. They also explore the notable broker Pocket Option, particularly its significance in binary options trading, presenting an alternative option for traders seeking a diverse experience.

Brief Review Of eToro

eToro is a dependable broker and a worldwide trading platform, caters to diverse trader profiles, enabling transactions involving various cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, shares, indices, and ETFs. The broker offers negative balance protection and limitations on opening positions with insufficient margin for retail clients. The availability of contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service is also provided. Compensation funds safeguard investments for traders from several European countries.

However, Traders Union analysts highlight that currently eToro binary options are not available. There are no indications of imminent plans to introduce these services on eToro.

Available Markets

TU experts have identified a diverse range of markets available for trading on eToro:

  • Stocks

Participate in the stock market with zero commissions and no trading volume limitations.

  • Currency

Engage in the world’s largest and most active financial market, the foreign currency exchange (FX).

  • ETFs

Access exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offering flexible and comprehensive investment approaches at a low cost and devoid of management fees.

  • Indices

Invest in the overall movement of the stock market through indices, allowing you to customize your exposures according to your preferences.

  • Crypto

Utilize cutting-edge tools exclusive to eToro to trade an extensive selection of prominent cryptocurrencies and crypto crosses.

  • Commodities

Explore lucrative opportunities in the world’s primary resource markets to potentially yield profits.

eToro emerges as a versatile global brokerage firm endorsed by TU analysts, offering a wide array of trading markets. For those seeking an additional reputable option, Pocket Option stands out as a noteworthy broker, particularly for binary options trading, providing valuable trading opportunities and features.

Broker For Binary Options Trading

Pocket Option emerges as a prominent player in the financial market. Operated by Gembell Limited, a holding led by a group of seasoned trading and investment professionals, Pocket Option remains an unregulated broker catering to experienced traders who don’t require training or additional bonuses. Geared towards fulfilling mass-market needs, the broker excels in providing quality services for binary options trading in the OTC market. The broker’s commitment to a straightforward, user-friendly trading experience is underscored by their proprietary trading platform, ensuring stability for both traders and investors.

How To Sign Up

To access your Pocket Option account on a computer, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below. These guidelines, reviewed and endorsed by analysts at Traders Union, will take you through the entire process, ensuring a successful login experience.

Step 1: Open your preferred web browser on your computer and navigate to pocketoption.com login.

Step 2: Locate the “Login” button on the main webpage, typically positioned in the upper right corner. Click on this button to access the login interface.

Step 3: Fill out the fields with your registered email address and password. The provided email should match the one used during your initial Pocket Option registration, while the password should align with what you set during that process. Ensure accurate input of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Step 4: After entering your login details, click the “Login” button beneath the password field. This action will submit your credentials for verification, granting you access to your Pocket Option account if they are correct.

Step 5: For future convenience, consider selecting the “Remember me” option before clicking the “Login” button. This will prompt your browser to save your login details, streamlining subsequent access without the need to re-enter your credentials.


This article has delved into the comprehensive features of eToro, a globally recognized trading platform that caters to a diverse range of traders and offers a broad array of trading opportunities across various markets. Additionally, Pocket Option emerges as a reputable alternative, especially for binary options trading, offering a user-friendly platform and valuable features. The step-by-step instructions provided for Pocket Option’s login process, backed by the analysts, aim to ensure a seamless experience for traders accessing their accounts.