Transfer of Lost Ark Knowledge and a Guide for Lost Ark gold

Here’s how to obtain and make use of a Knowledge Transfer Agreement. Lost Ark gold for sale has been around since 2019, when Smilegate released the MMOARPG in South Korea, according to their website. The game has since been re-released on the global market by Amazon Game Studios, and players have flocked to it in record numbers. Similar to other MMOs, leveling up alternate characters quickly can be a pain, especially if you’re playing on a limited budget.

Increasing the level of various characters in Lost Ark can be extremely beneficial for those who wish to experiment with different classes and builds. Fortunately, Lost Ark gold has a rather useful mechanic that can be used to level up your other characters after one of your characters reaches the level cap. This mechanic is described below. Although it is not the Powerpass, it is highly recommended that you obtain one as well.

Is There Such a Thing as a Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark?

A Knowledge Transfer in Ark will allow you to level up and advance an alternate character without having to spend real-world money or earn a Powerpass, to put it another way. A Knowledge Transfer will cost 600 in-game gold, which shouldn’t be too difficult to come by after a while of playing.

Whereas it can take anywhere between 10 and 15 hours to manually level a character to Level 50, a Knowledge Transfer will level your alternate character up autonomously over the course of eight hours. However, there are some requirements that must be met before you can make use of the Powerpass, which we will cover in more detail below.

Obtaining and Using a Knowledge Transfer in The Raid on Lost Ark

Players will be able to access the Knowledge Transferability in Lost Ark after at least one character has completed the main quest line and, as a result, has reached Level 50. The Stronghold quests must be completed once a character reaches Level 50 and has access to their Island Stronghold, which you will most likely have done on your first visit to your estate. Once a character has reached Level 50 and has access to their Island Stronghold, they must complete the Stronghold quests.

When all of the requirements listed above have been met, the ability to use Knowledge Transfer on an alternate character at a cost of 600 gold will be made available to you. As soon as the process has begun, you will not be able to stop it, and you will be required to wait for eight hours until the process is complete.

After the appropriate amount of time has passed, your alternate character will have reached the same level as your original, main character. Make sure that you activate the Knowledge Transferability on your alternate character (the one that you wish to level up) rather than your main character if you are having trouble starting a Knowledge Transfer session.

That’s all there is to know about utilizing a Knowledge Transfer in Ark: Survival Eternal. Good luck, and don’t forget to enroll in other courses as well! If you want to learn more about Lost Ark, check out our guides on the best gear, the best pets and mounts, and every Mokoko Seed location in the game.