Top Europe Weekend Getaway Destinations

The season for city breaks has arrived, despite the chaos that appears to be making itself uncomfortably at home in Britain’s airports. A few things are as rejuvenating as a weekend away in a new location, and charming Europe is full of little places that are ideal for a quick trip. The greatest city breaks in Europe check every box, even adding some new ones and then checking those ones off. 

The accessibility of many European towns makes them ideal for weekend trips. You can spend a weekend anywhere in Europe and find world-class museums, tourist attractions, and a variety of regional foods and traditions. Here are the top destinations for planning Europe weekend breaks.

1. Amsterdam

Although Amsterdam boasts fantastic museums, its canals are what make it such a desirable weekend escape. Amsterdam, sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the North,” has significantly more canals and bridges than its southern counterpart. Enjoy the romance of viewing Amsterdam’s gabled homes while wandering along cobblestone canal banks, going into chic stores, and then stopping for a drink at one of the city’s eccentric cafes.

2. Turku

Turku is frequently referred to as the “Paris of Finland” due to its profusion of café terraces. However, the oldest city in the nation has a unique atmosphere all of its own. It’s huge on music, for starters, and festivals like Archipelago Sea Jazz and Ruisrock will be returning in 2019 to much fanfare. The city offers electric boat excursions, nature outings, and food tours that highlight the best regional fare. It is also a leader in sustainable tourism.

3. Dublin

Dublin is the ideal weekend getaway destination because of its warm hospitality, first-rate public transportation, and condensed historic center. It is, of course, the birthplace of Guinness, and the Guinness Storehouse offers several floors of nostalgic enjoyment whether or not you choose to raise a glass. At least one evening should be spent at an authentic Irish bar. The Temple Bar neighborhood has the best selection.

4. Oslo

The old Björvika district is still the most exciting part of the city, despite how quickly the Norwegian capital is expanding. Just a few minutes away from the Aker Brygge district, the city also has a bustling new food court called VIA Village, which features nine street-food outlets. The much-anticipated new National Museum will also open this summer.

5. Berlin

Berlin is a stylish amalgam of the artsy, slick, traditional, and modern, all wrapped up in one outstanding package. Since there is certainly something to do here for every style, what you intend to do in Berlin completely depends on your interests. Visit the Jewish Museum or the New Museum if you want a historical weekend; Kreuzberg or Neukolln if you want an artsy weekend; or Mitte if you want a more upscale experience.

6. Lisbon

Lisbon, the mountainous coastal capital with pastel-colored buildings in the old town and trundling yellow trams, has been the subject of an increasing amount of talk in recent years. In the evenings, join the young creative community that congregates at restaurants owned by outstanding Portuguese chefs who own a variety of dining establishments in the city.