Top 6 Indian Meal Kit for Healthy Homestyle Indian Meals

Desi food lovers, bookmark these places so you can make authentic, homestyle meals quickly. No cooking skills are required. Just great food every time.

Indian cuisine is a compelling tapestry of flavors, spices, and aromas known for its diversity and rich taste. While indulging in Indian restaurants is a delightful experience, creating authentic, homestyle Indian meals at home can be daunting. 

Indian meal kit delivery services have emerged to simplify your culinary journey. With zero chopping, frying, or tempering hassle, you can cook flavorsome dishes by adding hot water in less than 10 minutes. While some Indian meal kits may take a few more minutes depending on their complexity of flavors, seamless cooking with delicious taste is guaranteed! 

Read along as I have scouted one of the best Indian meal kit delivery services in the US that assure taste and convenience with nationwide shipping right to your doors. 


Quicklly’s collaboration with Cumin Club is a culinary dream come true. Known as the nation’s largest marketplace for authentic Indian food and groceries, Quicklly has partnered with Cumin Club, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to delivering true local Indian flavors. 

You can access a diverse array of meal kits representing various regional Indian cuisines, from the hearty dishes of the North to the spicy delicacies of the South. Each kit thoughtfully includes pre-measured spices, fresh ingredients, and detailed instructions, ensuring a seamless cooking experience for novice and seasoned home cooks.

Meal Kit Pricing

Quicklly offers Indian meal kits in a pack of 05, 10, and 20 meal kits that can be scheduled for delivery once, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. 

05 Meal Kits: This is a great meal option for a person or group. Select 5 Indian dishes or flexible combos and match them from their menu. Delivered in 5 working days. Starts at $37.49

10 Meal Kits: This is a great meal option for a person or group. Select 10 Indian dishes or flexible combos and mix-match from their menu. Delivered in 5 working days. Starts at $59.99

20 Meal Kit: This is a great meal option for a person or group. Select 20 Indian dishes or flexible combos and mix-match from their menu. Delivered in 5 working days. Starts at $99.99

Cumin Club

Cumin Club, a standalone Indian culinary gem, is known for fresh, homestyle Indian meal kits prepared in 5 minutes. With a relentless dedication to preserving authentic flavors, Cumin Club’s meal kits are a revelation. Whether you yearn for the creamy Paneer Butter Masala or rich and spicy Pav Bhaji, their kits contain regional Indian spices and premium ingredients that provide a reassurance of familiar Indian flavors. 

Meal Kit Pricing

Cumin Club Indian Meal Kit comes in 05, 10, and 20 meal kits packs with special attention to dietary needs and spice levels. Pricing starts at $4.99/meal. 

Saffron Fix

Saffron Fix is synonymous with wholesome Indian meal kits that elevate your home dining with flavorsome desi food. Expect restaurant-quality dishes such as lamb biryani and paneer tikka, each crafted from scratch with meticulously curated ingredients. Saffron Fix’s kits include step-by-step instructions, ensuring a fuss-free cooking process.

Meal Kit Pricing

Saffron Fix’s meal kits are reasonably priced, starting at $13.95 per serving, and they sweeten the deal with enticing discounts for first-time customers. 

With flexible subscription options and the freedom to skip or cancel as desired, Saffron Fix provides a convenient and flavorful journey into the world of Indian cuisine.

Inner Flame

Ayurvedic concepts and the nourishing qualities of food have played a significant role in the creation of Inner Flame Kitchen, a company that produces vegan Indian meal kits. Their emphasis on obtaining ingredients from nearby and organic farms demonstrates their commitment to sustainability, and their eco-friendly packaging shows this commitment to ethical business practices.

Whether you adhere to a plant-based diet or seek meatless Indian culinary adventures, Inner Flame caters to your needs. From traditional favorites like dal makhani to cleansing kits, moringa soup, and more, their kits offer a delightful range of options for those who prefer a wholesome and homestyle approach to Indian cooking.

Meal Kit Pricing

Inner Flame Kitchen’s pricing starts at a reasonable $11.99 per serving, offering flexibility through subscription plans with the convenience of skipping or canceling at any time.

Reviews from satisfied customers highlight the brand’s dedication to crafting healthy, flavorful choices while appreciating its sustainable and socially responsible approach. 

However, some have mentioned that portion sizes may be perceived as modest for the price point.


Seeti focuses on cooking wholesome, delectable Indian pot meals made using mostly organic, locally sourced ingredients and devoid of additives or preservatives. Their kits are vacuum sealed and may remain fresh in the freezer without preservatives for up to three months, removing the need to cook the meals before they spoil and allowing you maximum scheduling flexibility.

To prepare quick, authentic homemade meals, the Seeti kitchen uses time-consuming, traditional methods like slow simmering sauces. No cooking experience is required. Just fantastic food, always.

Meal Kit Pricing

Seeti offers Vegan, Vegetarian, and Nut-free options with homestyle sauces to elevate your cooking. Their meal kit prices vary, starting from $18. You can choose from their range of offerings like Chana Masala, Vegetable Pilaf, Palak Paneer, roti order online, and more

Blue Apron 

Blue Apron has a delicious selection of Indian meal kits that will introduce you to India’s varied flavours. These kits offer a unique and convenient way to enjoy Indian flavors since they combine ingredients from around the world with Indian ideas. Blue Apron takes great effort to source premium, genuine Indian ingredients, enabling you to make recipes that taste authentically Indian. Each ingredient, from flavorful spices to fresh herbs, is selected to provide you a sensory experience.

Meal Kit Pricing

Blue Apron Indian meal subscription comes in 02 and 04 kit packs starting at $10.99 per serving. Their shipping charges are $10.99, which makes it a bit expensive when opting for small quantities. 

Elevate your home dining experience with the delightful Indian meal kit delivery services in the US and order Indian Roti Whether you’re a food enthusiast eager to taste rich Indian flavors or a seasoned chef seeking convenience and quality ingredients, these meal kit companies offer you a delectable and stress-free pathway to savoring authentic homestyle Indian meals.