Top 5 Sites to See in Denver

Denver is a fantastic city that offers endless views, art, and culture unlike anywhere else on Earth.  From botanic gardens that look like sculptures to the amazing art museums and zoos that invite you to explore the world: these are the top five sites to visit while in town!

Denver Art Museum

If you’re ready to go vertical and see gorgeous art from around the world, it’s time to stop at the Denver Art Museum.  This global art collection is home to collections from around the world, representing a piece from every continent and hundreds of countries and people.

There are also multiple sections representing art from Denver and the Rocky Mountain region, which allow you to take in the best art you can find!  There’s no better place to stop in if you need a touch of excitement while looking at Denver houses for rent.

Denver Botanic Gardens

From the outside, this botanical garden looks like a bee-hive made out of gorgeous metal and glass, and once you step inside, it still feels like a work of art!  Located in the Cheesman Park neighborhood of Denver, these gardens stretch over 23 acres of land, offering theme gardens that allow you to get to know plants from around the world.

The sunken amphitheater at its center hosts concerts and shows year-round, which allows you to enjoy far more than just the beautiful plants!  This is a must-stop destination the next time you’re in town!

Denver Zoo

Wildlife is one of the most fascinating things in the world, and the Denver Zoo makes sure to bring it out in droves!  Home to animals ranging from primates to lions to elephants, you can spot almost any animal you want to see while you’re here.

Sprawling over eighty acres, the Denver Zoo puts a lot of attention into the education about and conservation of endangered and at-risk animals.  Animals are rotated through the park, so they can enjoy every part and get enriched through the different scents, which means every time you visit the park may seem a little different and new!

Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown was an incredible woman, best known for her survival from the sinking of the Titanic and how she urged her lifeboat to return so that they could save more people.  Although her life story has become popularized, with a musician in the 1960s being based on her and Kathy Bates playing her in the 1999 movie Titanic, she led a mostly quiet life outside of the Titanic.

The home she lived in was turned into a museum so that people could get to know her fascinating life and the way Historic Denver was for the people who lived here.  This is a Denver landmark everyone should visit!

Elitch Gardens

There are more sights to see than gardens and museums!  If you’re in town with your family, consider making a stop to visit Elitch Gardens!  This theme and water park have everything from classic amusement park rides to fantastic ways to cool off in the summer sun.  Open only from April through October; this is a park everyone should stop in and enjoy while they’re in town!

There’s Nothing as Incredible as Denver

Denver offers something for anyone who wants it!  Get to know this amazing city, and you’ll want to move here in no time!