Top 10 Video Call API & SDK of 2023

The use of live video call has generally increased from professional offices to consultations. People of all ages look forward to embedding the video calling feature within their systems. One effective way to embed the video call feature is through APIs or SDK tools. This article discusses the top-notch online video call APIs and SDKs you can consider for 2023.

What is Video Calling API?

APIs are a source of communication and cognitive data exchange between different software. Video call online APIs are generally known for providing a plug-and-play component to the user for communicating seamlessly with other users across the platform where the API is being embedded. These APIs can be integrated within complete operating systems, web applications, and specific software, including CMSs and Employee Management Portals.

The use of such APIs helps involve multiple functionalities in the overall experience of the user. As they build themselves along with the technical infrastructure of communicating within the platform, they can be explicitly used for audio and video conversation during collateral communication. The existence of the API is the key to communication within the software or platforms where it is integrated.

There are several prominent features offered by video chat APIs that have been introduced in the market. From face-to-face video calling to real-time chatting, you can find multiple functionalities with the help of APIs. Rather than creating everything from scratch, inculcating the use of APIs for such operations makes communication a lot easier. You should consider using an API to influence your business model’s video calls.

Why We Should Choose Professional Video Calling API?

As you have understood the basics of video-calling APIs, you must know why one should go for a professional video-calling API. There are several benefits involved with the use of video call APIs, which are provided as follows:

1. Easily Fits In

The use of video chat APIs is based on saving the time of creating the video chat feature from scratch. While you have a running service, using APIs allows you to add the service within a few minutes.

2. Cloud-based Solution

Rather than creating and buying your server for enhancing video chat communications, using APIs gives you a better option. While you do not consume any space on your server, you can have a cloud-based solution for holding all critical data.

3. Communications are Improved

Using such APIs is quite encouraging as it improves communication by loads. Instead of working through a complete process of covering a video conference, the process is restricted to a single click. There is no such effort required in such a situation.

4. Quick Implementation

You do not waste time setting up a proper platform for video conferencing. Using such methods inculcates a quick implementation of video communication, as there are no requirements for long lines of code.

Best 10 APIs & SDKs for Video Conferencing

We will now be focusing on some impressive video conferencing APIs and SDKs that can prove helpful in your business. These options will make it easier for you to decide the best API that suits your needs.


One of the essential features of an intuitive and highly immersing video call API includes a user-engaging experience of video conferencing. From all basic calling features to screen-sharing options, ZEGOCLOUD is known for its high-quality video calling facility. For effective interaction, it helps you feature the best video calls up to 4K resolution with its various add-on features.

zegocloud video call api


  • This video conferencing API has a negligible latency of 300ms, thus providing real-time engagement.
  • You can effectively stream live video streaming sessions for people worldwide without any hindrance or latencies.
  • It features real-time video interactions with co-hosts, giving them control over the live-streaming video conference.

Price: Video HD ($3.99/1000minutes); Video Full HD ($12.99/1000minutes)


2.     Video SDK

If you are looking to build a quick platform for interactive video communication, Video SDK is the perfect option that you can use for free. Its ability to provide a customizable user interface gives the developer the leverage to create an interactive platform according to their requirements. Perform a complete online video call with an unlimited option of creating rooms and a rich chat system.

video sdk video call sdk


  • The platform provides 10,000 minutes for free every month to influence proper communication without paying any price.
  • It provides a live streaming system of 5000 participants in total.
  • You can define complete parallel rooms for influencing diverse communication at the same time.

Price: Video Call (SD) – $0.002/participant/minute; Video Call (HD) – $0.003/participant/minute; Video Call (Full HD) – $0.007/participant/minute


3.     Vonage

Vonage provides a dedicated Video API for customizing the video communication experience for its users. While the platform realizes the increasing need for video communication tools, APIs such as Vonage Video Call API have provided global reach to this functionality and made a name in the market. Combining the experience, Vonage also includes an insights add-on that features complete analytics for the platform using video communication services.


  • You can easily send messages between participants throughout the video call.
  • The embedding speed of video chatting can be completed within a few minutes.
  • It allows you to control the application layout and display according to the activity detected through audio.

Price: $0.00395/participant/minute


4.     QuickBlox

Created from the most consumed video calling technology, QuickBlox provides a dedicated video calling and video conferencing platform with an enhanced collaboration system. One great thing about this tool is its ability to implement easily onto any platform that is under use. The real-time availability of this video calls online API is exquisite.


  • You can involve push notifications within the platform for notifying participants of missing video conferences.
  • It provides a secure system of video communication without any threats of getting hacked.
  • It gives the opportunity to engage up to 4 users in real-time video calling.

Price: Basic – Free; Starter – $99/month; Growth – $249/month; HIPAA Cloud – $399/month; Enterprise – $599/month


5.     Enablex

In situations where you require a connected and coherent system of influencing video conferencing, Enablex gives you a perfect opportunity to involve a fully customized video call facility within any platform. Known for its end-to-end services, the reporting capabilities allow the developers to create a great video calling platform for the community being served.


  • You can embed live analytics involving the quality of the communication and operations established through the platform.
  • It features support for more than 100 participants within the “Collaboration” mode, which can increase to 3000 in the “Lecture” mode.
  • The platform provides the ability to store the recordings of the video session and encrypt them accordingly. This can be decrypted by themselves whenever it is required.

Price: $0.004/participant/minute (Up to 50 participants)


6.     Twilio

The extent of video conferencing can vary according to the situation that is being dealt with. Twilio provides multiple room options for its users, allowing them to set up the platform according to their liking. With the help of this API video service, you can easily create online video call events and monitor performance with proper metrics. Twilio has a variety of video conferencing types, depending on the availability of rooms.


  • From the option of a 1:1 video chat meeting, you can set up video meetings with up to 50 members.
  • In the “Video Groups” room, the noise cancellation feature is provided for managing a group of people.
  • It provides the option of controlling the participants that can be recorded within the video rooms.

Price: Video WebRTC Go – Free; Video P2P – $0.0015/participant/minute; Video Groups – $0.004/participant/minute


7.     Agora

Looking for a proper API or SDK that provides a complete system of integrating real-time video into the web, mobile, and native applications? Agora video chat application provides a perfect in-app engagement experience that makes video calls easier. While the platform promises perfect video quality to work with, you can find the option of multi-track audio for publishing multiple streams simultaneously.


  • The use of 3D spatial audio and AI noise suppression makes it easy to analyze the video results.
  • With a powerful collaboration facility, it is easy for you to share the screen and collaborate accordingly.
  • There are no lags involved in the video call that is being executed through this platform.

Price: HD – $3.99/1000minutes; Full HD – $8.99/1000minutes


8.     MirrorFly

For a quick creation of an API that you can integrate on your mobile, web application, or any other platform, you can consider using MirrorFly as the perfect video call API service. While it stands out in the market for many reasons, its on-cloud infrastructure allows it to set up a proper video call. It tentatively works on providing exquisite and seamless collaboration, which includes features like Picture-in-Picture access.


  • You can capture custom screens and render them to introduce split screens within the video chatting platform.
  • There is no file limitation while sharing it securely through the platform.
  • It also provides a complete scheduling system for managing multiple video conferences within the platform.

Price: Growth – $899/month; Premium – $1299/month


9.     Sinch

If you are in search of integrating a video chat API service within your mobile application, Sinch is a great option for creating the perfect platform for you. While the service focuses on featuring high-quality services for its users, it makes integration easier to cover as a process. This connected service introduces peer-to-peer communication on a different level.


  • There are more than 600 operators’ connectors spread globally.
  • You can easily personalize your video chatting experience, regardless of the channel and device used.
  • It is developed under enterprise-grade quality assurance, which promises reliability on a different level.

Price: On-demand pricing


10.  CometChat

Known as a chat SDK and API service, CometChat provides a proper video conferencing system that influences a proper communication platform within a system running on a mobile or web application. While you connect securely with the system, you can easily involve 1:1 video calls, similar to messaging applications. Along with that, you can also find the option of including group video calls within the process.


  • You can easily include and exclude chat widgets within the platform where the API is being set up.
  • A custom user interface can be created with the help of personalized tools.
  • The platform can handle thousands of users without any lagging.

Price: $0.003/participant/minute


This article has presented a quick overview of some prominent API services that provide video chat features. As you are finding exemplary service to include video communication, there are several things to look at. All important dynamics and features for a perfect video call API have been discussed. You will indeed find the right tool for integrating it within your platform.