Three fascinating advantages of Throw on and go


It takes time for hair to grow. A normal person will grow 1 to 1.5 cm of hair a month. Without a wig, you would have to wait about a year for a shoulder-length head of hair. Whereas if you have a shoulder length wig, then it will only take you about an hour to get the desired look. That’s the value of a wig.

New models of wigs are being developed across the board. New trendy wig styles are being designed. People’s pursuit of beauty remains the same, then the development of wigs will not stop. In this article, we will introduce a newly launched wig throw on and go wig. By reading this article, you will learn about the three advantages of throw on and go wig. Hope it can help you.

What is throw on and go wig?

Throw on and go wig is a wig that was proposed and defined by Luvmehair. This wig is styled with beautiful, natural curls. Its biggest advantage is that it is very easy to install, so it is also known as the most wig friendly wig for beginners.

The advantages of throw on and go wig

l.  Easy to install

The soul of throw on and go wig lies in the ultimate simplicity of installation. From the information known so far (various unboxing reviews on the Internet), Luvmehair’s throw on and go wig can easily be installed in less than 10 seconds.

You can well imagine what a gift this is for working women who don’t have time to spend hours installing wigs because of their work.

Also, you must have encountered the situation that for some reason you need to meet an important person or attend an important occasion. But the breathtaking part is that you only have ten minutes to get dressed. This time, throw on and go wig is your savior!

2.  No glue

If you’ve ever used lace front wigs, then you know that lace wigs require glue to make the final look look perfect. Under normal circumstances, the lace part of the lace wig will have some small gaps with the skin of the forehead. These tiny gaps can create unnatural shadows on your forehead. Only using glue to hold the lace to the skin will make the wig look natural and flawless overall. But sadly, the smell and sticky feel of glue is always annoying. what’s more, a few people who are allergic to glue can’t accept the existence of glue. Therefore, glueless wigs are meaningful. This is an attractive plus for people who hate glue!

Luckily, if you bought the throw on and go wig, you don’t need glue at all to complete the installation.

3.  Affordable

The most surprising and favorite thing about Throw on and go wig is its low price. Throw on and go wig prices are very friendly for both housewives and women still in school. The low price reduces the trial and error cost of consumers, and allows more women who are not financially well-off to enjoy the fun of wigs. I think Luvmehair’s pricing of throw on and go wig is laudable.


It should be noted that the three advantages of throw on and go wig I described above are not exclusive to it. Maybe some wigs can be installed without glue. Perhaps some wigs are also known for their ease of installation. Maybe some wigs are cheaper than throw on and go wig. But only throw on & go wig can have the above three advantages at the same time, and still allow you to travel with confidence.