Losing hair is everyone’s worst nightmare. The sad part is that we all go through it at some point or the other. There are times when we think that we are going through hair loss, but we really aren’t. Hair loss can be permanent or temporary. When going through this difficult experience, we all hope it is temporary. Sometimes it is not. Often whenever we think of hair loss, we think of hair transplantation. The sad truth behind this is that hair transplantation is not the golden hair restoration method. You need to head to a hair transplantation clinic to understand whether it is the right treatment for you. We are here to tell you a couple of things that can help you get the much-needed clarity regarding it.

Hair transplantation is not only for those suffering from male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is another name for androgenic alopecia, which is the genetic disposition for hair loss. It impacts men more than women which is often referred to as male pattern baldness. Often people who are suffering from this tend to undergo hair transplantation. This has led to the myth that only men can undergo this treatment. Hair transplantation is a meticulous approach which can help achieve natural-looking results. Women who are experiencing hair thinning can choose to undergo this treatment as well.

Hair transplantation is not the answer to all hair loss conditions.

Everyone has a different reason for experiencing hair loss. It could be due to nutrient deficiency or androgenic alopecia. Hair transplantation is not the answer always. Not everyone who is experiencing androgenic alopecia can also undergo the procedure. There is certain criterion that the patients need to meet. During the consultation at the clinic, the expert will determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the treatment.

You might need to undergo a second hair transplantation procedure.

During hair transplantation, the follicles are relocated to help achieve a fuller-looking scalp. This doesn’t put a stop to the hair loss process. As the hair loss progress, you might require another treatment to maintain the results of the previous one. However, the follicles which were previously transplanted would continue to live on, but the ones that were originally there could cease to produce hair. You can also choose to undergo a PRP treatment to restore the blood supply to the hair follicles.

It takes about a year to see the final results.

Whenever experiencing hair loss, we hope to wake up the next day with a fuller head of hair. Sadly, that expectation can never be fulfilled. This means that even after undergoing hair transplantation, you will have to wait a while before you can see the results. Right after the treatment, you might experience shedding. Once the shedding is over, the follicles will produce new hair. It takes about a year for the hair cycle to be complete. After undergoing hair transplantation, it is crucial to be very patient.