The Viva World Cup

FIFA is football’s world governing body. While many people might think that every single nation and territory of this planet is affiliated with FIFA, this is not really the case. It is possible to make any online bet with 1xBet on all the football competitions organized by FIFA.

Across history, there have been many nations that have not been part of FIFA. This didn’t mean they didn’t have football teams of their own, quite the opposite. However, this meant that they were unable to take part in major football competitions, as they weren’t recognized by the organization that oversees world football.

During the early 2000s, many territories that weren’t part of FIFA created an organization called the New Federation Board. The purpose of this body was to group all the nations that weren’t associated with the world’s governing football organization. You can visit 1xBet to make any online bet with great odds on many competitions organized by FIFA, which offer interesting possibilities.

A non-FIFA World Cup

After the creation of the New Federation Board, there were plans to organize a competition that could gather all national teams not affiliated with FIFA. That’s how the Viva World Cup was born. The top 1xBet live matches come in many FIFA associated competitions and offer great chances to make in-game wagers.

The first edition of the Viva World Cup was celebrated between the 20th and 24th of November 2006. It had the following squads:

  • Sápmi;
  • Monaco;
  • Occitania;
  • Ambazonia.

The hosts of the competition were Occitania, which is a territory located in southern France. Over the years, France has produced many top players, and the live matches where they participate are in 1xBet, where all kinds of wagers can be made.

A very one-sided final

The first Viva World Cup champion ever was the Sápmi squad. This team was composed of people from the region of the Sámi people, which is located in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. The 1xBet apk download easy procedure can be done at any moment, and it gives chances to wagers on competitions from the Scandinavian countries.

The final of the 2006 Viva World Cup took place on the 24th of November 2006. Sápmi completely destroyed Monaco with a final score of 21-1. Of course, this Monaco squad shouldn’t be confused with AS Monaco, which is the team that participates in the French football league.

Such one-sided matches are unlikely to happen at FIFA-organized tournaments, but when making the easy download procedure of the 1xBet apk, it is possible to wager on all FIFA-sanctioned championships.